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Friday, October 19, 2012


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Pussycat Catnap

1. Of course my own since it is my own thoughts so what I put the most effort into:
- Personal of course, my take on the random subjects that capture my interest - which are usually not the current hot topics.

2. This place, even if I disagree with Hamlet about half the time, and wonder why he or his helpers are covering some topics - I still come by to look very often, and enjoy conversations in the comments. http://nwn.blogs.com

3. http://modemworld.wordpress.com/
I find myself checking there often, even though many of the posts have no relevancy to my interests.

4. http://danielvoyager.wordpress.com/
- Often a good launching point into other thoughts. Of late he's not been covering my interests - but his take when he does is often of just the right level of depth and a perspective I can understand agree or not.

5. http://honourmcmillan.wordpress.com/
- I fail to go to most of the places explored, but the themes are very often well chosen and almost end up on my 'I should go there and check that out' list. I just get sidetracked too often. Still, she does a good job of covering them and many of my actual exploration trips have begun by trying to remember something I saw on this blog.


-Best blog for people interested in the technology behind SL.

My Opinion

1) http://SecondLife.com/destinations

2) http://SLNewser.BlogSpot.com
2a)( http://WeeklyEventsSL.BlogSpot.com )

3) http://www.HyperGridBusiness.com

4) http://SiteArm.WordPress.com

and of course
5) http://NWN.Blogs.com

Orca Flotta

1) My favourite fashionista. Harper Beresford's A Passion for Virtual Fashion :

2) Shopping Cart Disco is the bitchiest blog ever. But the "What I like" column is cool:

3) SL Sailing boatporn archive conglomerates the best of the virtual sailing world. Brandnew and growing steadily:

4) Whiskey Shots fascinates me right now, same as Botgirl did once. Dunno if I keep on long with following it but right now it just touches me:

5) I shamelessly plug Orca's World here.
"A blog thingy about sailing, biking, politics, general lifestyle and goofing off in Second Life". And I gotta say it's really not THAT bad:

Ferd Frederix

Yay! A free incoming link to the best tools for Second life!


and the other is (of course):


</shameless brag>

Whiskey Monday

1. My blog, www.whiskeymonday.com cause, duh. I agree with Orca-- I'm not sure how long I'll follow me, but for now I'm fascinating. Maybe someday I'll actually write blog posts again.

2. Honour's Post Menopausal View http://honourmcmillan.wordpress.com/ The perfect blend of SL and real person, photos and writing, and a wicked sense of humor. This is the blog I check before any other.

3. Living in a Modem World http://modemworld.wordpress.com/ for all things SL. I appreciate the depth of her coverage, in language I can understand.

4. Botgirl's Identity Circus http://www.botgirl.com/ She makes me think, inspires me to try harder, and isn't afraid to poke at her own crazy.

5. Serendipity Haven's Blog http://serenhaven.wordpress.com/ This what I read when I have time to sit down and really get lost in good writing about topics that interest me.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Chey's Second Life Blog: http://cheyennepal.blogspot.com/

Cheyenne Palisades is as inventive as a writer as she and Sweetie are in the construction and landscaping of Whimsy and its surroundings.


Maggie Bluxome beautifully accomplishes what I set out to do with "Pectoral Virtual Fashion"--and does it far better--as well as writing insightful essays about her experiences and commentary about goings on in the Second Life busty community.

What Is This Crap?
Crap Mariner is *the* lovable curmudgeon of Second Life. I enjoy reading his opinions about SL, and I root for him in RL. Now that I can run Teapot and hence get streaming audio in 64-bit Linux, I hope to go hear some 100-word stories.

Caminante de Sueños
OK, there's not that much *reading* as such, but it's *the* place to find beautiful SL builds--kind of like Arizona Highways for SL but without all those distracting articles.

Daniel Voyager's Blog
The place to keep up with SL goings on.

Shug Maitland

My top 4, in no particular order:
I visit them at least daily. All heavy (in their own way) on "inside information". The only way to stay informed about what is going on!

LeeHere Absent

My favorite blogs:

1. Virtual Vagabond by SpaceCase M

2. Single Frame Stories by Botgirl and Whiskey

3. Vitabela

4. Whiskey Shots

5. Daniel Voyager's Blog

Honorable mention: Crap Mariner's Story Challenge


colleen Criss




or anything but PussyLickingCaterwaul's.


(Actually, Whiskey's blog is good, but not as good as her tweets, and Botgirl is really good when she doesn't censor herself; I am not going to vote for Crap because I am envious about his position as SL's lovable curmudgeon)

PS That's an oxymoron anyway.
PPS So there.
PPPS I used to enjoy LeeHere Absent's catalogue of blogs, but her CACophonous efforts have moved elsewhere.

Quan Lavender

News: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/
Exploring: http://honourmcmillan.wordpress.com/
Art: http://quanlavender.blogspot.de/
Fashion events: http://seraphimsl.com/
Freebies: http://www.scoop.it/t/second-life-freebies-und-mehr

Deoridhe Quandry

Ironically, last month I did a ten blog blogpost (and I pretty much read every blog on the sidebar of my blog except the feeds), so I'll try to distill down from there.

1. Shameless plug for me. I blog at Prim Dolls and do a mix of fashion, philosophy, travel, and art. I specialize in unedited pictures and rambling about whatever is on my mind at a given time.

2. Across the Grid with Lindal Kidd has a great perspective and really engaging posts. She has more of an educator's perspective, and often brings up aspects of identity and details of mainland exploration, which is not a strong point of mine.

3. The Poultry Report which is awesome for finding events and a very different perspective from mine. She has more of an event planner and sim designer focus, and I find that fascinating.

4. Honours Post-Menopausal View is my go-to blog for finding beautiful places in Second Life. Seriously, easily 50% of my locations are from her.

5. I've grown really fond of Salome Says; long, substantive posts, and I really like the chatty podcasts. I don't always agree with what she says, but she makes me think and I really value that.

Maddy Gynoid

These are the 5 blogs I visit most frequently (in no particular order):

- Best blog about technical development in SL. Much information from the Lindens discussed in in-world meetings.

- Great blog for explorers. Shows the diversity of SL on beautiful photos.

- Hard to describe. The way Whiskey expresses her emotions in photos touched me.

- The wide variety of news (not only about SL) is a good mix to be informed.

- For a few months Tateru Nino probably tackle some real crises and can not blog. I hope she will solve her problems and be able to write again.

Orca Flotta

Are we all dwelling on more or less the same 5 blogs?
Hamlet/Iris, Whiskey, Tateru, Honour, Nalates, Ucello, Lindal, Crap, Daniel, Pussycat ... it's those names you hear when you enter SL for the first time. Most of these blogs are "old" (meant in a positive way) and established.
Can't we think of any newer, more refreshing publications? And why does everybody need to repeat the same blogs? Oh yes, it's a vote, so yay, go for it!
Do you know that Orca girl with her sexy DEnglish accent and weird syntax? Push her stupid blog!!! Do it now!


Here is one blog that provides some great food for thoughts: http://www.lokieliot.com/blog/

And a must read blog - even if discontinued this summer! Penny is giving some valid hints why SL has never been adopted by gamers. Unfortunately her critics could have been written today... http://pennycow.blogspot.be/

Shinigami Kayo

Footprints in the Virtual.
Yea, thats my blog. Self indulgent clap, with occassional spelling errors, poor grammar and a focus on what ever pops into my pretty little head on any given day. I have a link page specifically set up for my fav blogs, some already mentioned here. So yeah, I think I'm ok for now. Unless you wish to check it out and inflate my ego to thinking I might be popular. Than I can walk around with a swelled head acting pompus and dropping names of famous people I don't really know but suggesting they asked me out to lunchor something to bend my ear on ideas they have.


I would add Inara Pey's blog to the list: http://modemworld.wordpress.com , otherwise the names above pretty much cover it.
I believe this portal was mentioned in an earlier post in this blog: http://bloggingsecondlife.wordpress.com

Lex Fairmont

Lex&Lux - http://lexandlux.com/
JuicyBomb - http://juicybomb.com/
Seraphim - http://seraphimsl.com/

Uccello Poultry

In no particular order, here are the Second Life Blogs I regularly follow:

Honour's Post Menopausal View - http://honourmcmillan.wordpress.com
Dwell On It - http://dwellonit.taterunino.net
New World Notes - http://nwn.blogs.com/
Daniel Voyager's Blog - http://danielvoyager.wordpress.com
Second Life Freebies - http://www.scoop.it/t/second-life-freebies-und-mehr

Don't discount the power of https://my.secondlife.com - this microblog that we each have is fabulous. Several times a day I check to see what those I follow have posted and peek in at the Trending section. It is also my go-to source for quick blogging. It is such a shame The Lab has stopped development of this service because so many Residents use it to tell stories, share pictures (often picture essays), and generally keep in touch when they can't be in-world. Yes, even some of your favorite merchants use it for promotion. If it counted as a separate blog, it would be my number one choice.

As for the useless Official Second Life Blog ... I still check it, but it is useless. The Grid Status report counts as a blog, though, and I check that regularly.

@Deoridhe - Thanks for the shout out. RL illness has kept me from blogging much of late. Mostly I have energy to read or watch Netflix. Hopefully I'll get some real content up soon.


Thanks for the opportunity to discover new blogs and discuss our favorites. I read the following on a regular basis:


I've added a few more to my newsreader based on the submissions for this post.

Eliza Wrigglesworth

My own blogroll that I decided to share because the Freebies, Cheapies, Dollarbies blog doesn't update anymore:

New World Notes:

I Live In Science Land. An OpenSim blog:

Yse SLiffeuse et Gloodeuse. Nice fashions, but mostly a great blog to find places to explore:

Ferd's Blog. My go-to place to learn:

This was really hard. I wish I could have picked 10, but then I'd probably want to pick 20.

Deoridhe Quandry

@ Uccello: No worries; that's why I organize all my lists by most recent posts, and often leave in blogs that stopped updating. I've had some wonderful surprises when people posted again!

Honestly, I'm loving this string of posts, even if my sidebar is getting longer!

Fritzfranz Fride

Virtual Vagabond - SpaceCase is sharing free, fun and great stuff found in SL.
Representative for a few other Freebie-Blogs because this one is the one that inspired me to make my own SL-related thing ... what i like most on VV is the particular choice of stuff she blogs about.

Echt Virtuell - Maddy Gynoids Blog in german languange with news, information and stories about SL and other virtual worlds. From my point of view: a must-read for all german SL citizens that want to be informed. My starting point for interesting articles on all the other blogs.

SL YUMMIES - a fashion blog from Lily000 Gartner. For me it is more about the photography she does. I love this style. Great work ! Always worth a look.

I would post my own here but i dont see it as blog and myself not as a blogger. For maybe 80-90 % it is more a "personal feed" that meets the needs of a few visitors. Guiding them to blogposts about my special interest: Freebies. My respect goes to those that really know how to write an interesting article and illustrate it with well made photographs.
For all the other needs i prefer to use feeds like http://news.wingfactory.org/ or a TOPSY-Search: http://topsy.com/s?order=date&q=secondlife&window=d

Greetings Fritz

Canary Beck

Great question Hamlet. While I enjoy many of the blog's posted above (and have found a few new ones I'd love to check out), I'd like to share a few that haven't yet been mentioned, as far as I can tell anyway...

iRez Therefore I am is a virtual salon - a multi-author blog - written by Vaneeesa Blaylock, Kathleen Cool, Jacque Donaldson, Ravanel Griffon, Gracie Kendal, Ironyca Lee, Eva Marie, Botgirl Questi, Yordie Sands, me and many more. The blog has posts appearing daily and the commentary is vibrant and always interesting! It's all about identify, ideasCheck it out http://irez.me/

For one woman's introspective experiences as an adventurer in SL, check out Being Yordie Sands: She calls herself just a girl with an overactive imagination, writing about her life as an avatar in Second Life, where she stars as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life. In her second life she's an adventurer, scuba diver, photographer, blogger and socialite. Sometimes she gets swept off my feet in virtual romance. Check out http://yordiesands.wordpress.com/

Strawberry Singh is an avid blogger, photographer and social media enthusiast. Her photography is to die for! Check out http://strawberrysingh.com/

"How easy it was to leave. One click here; all items returned to owners. Another click there; avatar deleted. Years of devotion gone with a few clicks here and there. How hard it was to have left." And that's how the first post of Blueberries and Milk in a Glass Bowl begins, written by Flora Nordenskiold - a remarkable memoir of a second life no longer lived…

Harvey Crabsticks is a second life avatar, not all that different from the person behind the avatar, or at least, he tries quite hard not to be. And so, as he makes his way through his Second Life, and dances, and laughs, and cries, and even sings from time to time, he find myself on a journey that teaches him more every day than he thought possible. Join him on his journey of self-discovery…

And lastly, if you're at all interested in what makes me tick, check out my personal blog at https://canarybeck.wordpress.com/ It's called Songs from the Coalface. What do I write about? Well, pretty much whatever touches me at any given moment: love, anger, sadness, happiness, poetry, music, my friends, my family… what else is there, right?

Cheyenne Palisades

In defense of my Chey's Second Life Blog, I don't think there are any blogs sillier.

Zauselina Rieko

The most interesting English written blog is Quan´s travelogues. She writes about art related things and leads her readers to many interesting events and locations.

For the German speaking community I can recommend my own blog Brennende Buchstaben. My main theme is literature and German live author readings in SL, but art, too. The inworld group is called Brennende Buchstaben, too.

And my second German blog is Kueperpunk´s. Most of his articles are about SL but also about stuff from the web2.0.


... in english (and NWN of course)
And two french blogs :
http://mademoisl-eve.com for a mix of Fashion, photography and SLURLs
http://chloeseljan.wordpress.com/ for the news of the french speaking community in SL and more.

PS : I cannot connect with my Typepad account to publish here Hamlet ?!? Is it only a problem for me ?

elizabeth (16)

in no particular order


the ones i miss


Cat Boccaccio

Slum magazine is about all things SL, including art, music, culture, relationships, reviews, tips, news and issues. It is fairly new; mainly a compilation, but with some original content. And it's mine!--so full of the things I find interesting inworld and on the Internet:

Gwyneth Llewelyn writes thoughtful articles on SL topics:

BlaiseJoshua is a new kid on the block and his blog is charming and fun to read, even if men's SL fashion is not your thing:

I agree with readers above, who named Quan Lavender’s blog:

...And.I keep coming back:

Hitomi Tiponi

http://blog.nalates.net/ - love or hate her
http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/ - except for any of your statistical ramblings :)
http://modemworld.wordpress.com/ - Inara Rey's blog

FirleFanz Roxley





Yordie Sands

Hi Hamlet... here goes:

1) iRez Salon because there are over two dozen active authors, photographers and educators. And that amazing Vaneeesa Blaylock is the publisher. How can you beat that. (Ok, full disclosure, I'm an author also)

2) Strawberry Singh is a great blogger and photographer and it's not all fashion. She has a huge, well earned following.

3) Canary Beck is a risting star in the blogging world and one of my all time favorites.

4) Laurence "Mr Crap" Simon is irrassible, irreverant and irreplaceable. And if you have a medical condition, he's had it and will show you pictures and give advice. hehe

5) Gwyneth Llewelyn is the go to girl when it comes for real insights into what is going on inside Linden Lab. She's a must have on any list.

YOU KNOW how hard it is to go any further. I'd piss off a lot of friends if I listed anymore and not list them. There's a lot of great blogs out there for Second Life and even if half of them border on the trivial, at one time or another even those have a pearl or three.


Yordie Sands

Geez... sorry and you & nwn of course, Hamlet!

Torric Rodas

The blog for London City contains the very latest news of events and community interests.
I recommend it because I and others work hard to keep it updated with exciting content with at least 4 posts each week :)

Pushka Damour

Juicy Bomb - http://juicybomb.com/
Ca'Know? - http://aliciachenaux.blogspot.com/
This blog! - http://nwn.blogs.com/
StrawberrySingh.com - http://strawberrysingh.com/

And well I only read those four on a regular basis.

Bill Kaye

Tough decision, Hamlet.


since you invited self-promotion, i will toss my relatively new blog in the ring as an honorable mention slot:


sidenote: does http://gridsurvey.com/ count?

Lukemary Slade (aka Luca Spoldi)

- since in Italy there are so few point of references for Secondlife and virtual worlds in general, I put at first place www.mondivirtuali.it (which is bilingual, Italian-English);
- for fashion, which is still one of the most interesting sector of SL activities, I love http://strawberrysingh.com;
- for art, how not to mention the blog of Bryn Oh, http://brynoh.blogspot.com
- interesting by their onw: http://danielvoyager.wordpress.com

Eddi Haskell

It is a bit tacky, but I have to list my own, since I spend the most amount of time with it:

Eddi Haskell's Second Life
(also knows as http://eddihaskell.blogspot.com)

Ziggy Starsmith On The Edge Of Second Life...

Bock in Second Life


The Virtual World Technologist

Multipler Wirsing

http://ramshacklehut.blogspot.de/ (I am the co-blogger here so I MUST recommend this blog!)

http://brennendebuchstaben.blogspot.de/ (Best German literature blog and group in Second Life)

http://kueperpunk2012.blogspot.de/ (50% Second Life related blog)

http://quanlavender.blogspot.de/ (best art blog for the SL community)

http://echtvirtuell.blogspot.de/ (infomative German blog about this and that around SL and the web 2.0)

Arya Braveheart

1. I guess I better vote for my own blog cos I do read it the most and the girl and guy on there are both pretty cool. I also like that I blog fashion and furniture! http://aryasheart.blogspot.co.nz/

2. Chic Aeon's blog is my second fav. She always has cool stuff and seems to have her ear to the ground: http://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.co.nz/

3. My friend Ani has an awesome blog and she is all modelly and cool. Love her style - http://anigmae.blogspot.co.nz/

4. FabFree blog is always worth a looksee to keep up with all the hunts and free goodies in SL: http://fabfree.wordpress.com/

5. Luna Jubilee is about fashion and information. Love her windlights! http://lunajubilee.com/

Heavenly Villa

1. Loves Arya's blog - she blogs clothing and furniture with a great sense of style and humour.

2. Also loves Chic Aeon's blog

Sun Michalski

Arya's blog is #1 in my book. She blogs clothes AND home goods so you get a variety of posts that have just about something for everyone.

Sun Michalski

Arya's blog, http://aryasheart.blogspot.com/ is my favorite by far


I always check what's on http://juicybomb.com

Johnny Staccato

Second Life Shrink

Going for over five years now, has built up an extensive archive of posts on the psychology, politics, economics and culture of online interaction, especially Second Life, also more general cultural and political commentary.



Alphaville Herald: http://alphavilleherald.com/

Ciaran Laval: http://sl.governormarley.com/

Dwell On It: http://dwellonit.taterunino.net/

Gwyn's Home: http://gwynethllewelyn.net/

Johnny Staccato

Second Life Shrink

Going for over five years now, has built up an extensive archive of posts on the psychology, politics, economics and culture of online interaction, especially Second Life, also more general cultural and political commentary.



Alphaville Herald: http://alphavilleherald.com/

Ciaran Laval: http://sl.governormarley.com/

Dwell On It: http://dwellonit.taterunino.net/

Gwyn's Home: http://gwynethllewelyn.net/

babychampagne sass

my fav blog;






Melinda Philbin


I mostly read German blogs. echtvirtuell informs about technical stuff. FritzFanz Fride has the best and funniest freebies. Brennende Buchstaben are resposible for many really good author readings in German.

Quan´s blog is the only English blog I read. Because I love the hints for art exhibitions.

Melinda Philbin

Sorry - one blog more. English language ,too. FirleFanz is an artist and writes about her activity in Second Life.


There are three I read regularly.

New World Notes, daily. I ain't pandering, as I often find issue with you, sir. But nobody is as tireless in reporting the fake-world news.

Dwell on it, by Tateru Nino (checked frequently, but she's on a long-term break from blogging): http://dwellonit.taterunino.net/

Alphaville Herald, my guilty pleasure. Pix has taken an even longer break, with only occasional stories that are all absolutely true. The venom in the comments are not to be missed:



I have no idea if anybody read the thing.


I just keep on writing.


Forgot my new one.


And so it is done.


and our own gallimaufry at

Sylvie Etoile

http://blog.nalates.net is undoubtedly the best SL blog, not only for all the consistent hard work put into it but because I keep coming back to it again and again and it keeps a non-techie like me informed of all the stuff going on behind the scenes in SL that I need to know.

Ziggy Starsmith

Eddi Haskell's Second Life


Ziggy Starsmith On The Edge Of Second Life...

Bock in Second Life


The Virtual World Technologist

Emilly Orr

Oh, so many new blogs to check out...

I'm not as current on the SL blogs as I was in the past; I mostly check Tumblr on a daily basis, and Twitter every few days, and THEN turn to blogs to read. So the first recommendation goes to a Tumblog:


Whoever's behind it, they don't say a lot, and I don't always agree with what they single out as really horrific fashions, but they feature some jaw-droppingly bizarre avatars.

I would also second (or third, or fourteenth) the mention of Modem World:


She gets pretty deep into the technical, and explains things really well, overall. While I do read http://blog.nalates.net/ as well, sometimes what she says I have to cart off and break down into more easily digestible mental chunks. Modem World, though, I usually just *get*.

I've also started reading a Russian blog:


for which I'm deeply grateful I'm running Chrome, because it auto-translates. It's pretty much your standard fashion blog--"here's what we liked this week, here's where to get it"--but for the most part, she steers clear of the fashions everyone covers. Her photography is stellar, and she's great with sourcing what she's wearing.

I'd also recommend Miss Jameson's blog:


While I'm fairly sure we're not speaking at present on Twitter (we share...dissimilar...political views), I love her insights, and the formality she brings to her posts. I miss living in Caledon deeply; she keeps reminding me why.

Lastly, my 'guilty pleasure' note:


but only for one specific thing: their SL Secret posts. Sometimes their 'secrets' are anything but; sometimes they're curious and baffling; occasionally, they hit a note close to home and they hurt. But I read them faithfully anyway.

Voodoo Radek

1. http://blog.nalates.net/
2. http://blog.machinimatrix.org/es/
3. http://modemworld.wordpress.com
4. http://devinvaughn.blogspot.com

miffy hoi

my choices















miffy hoi






iSkye Silverweb

1. Naturally, =IcaruS=

2. Maria Korolov

3. Ener Hax

4. Ciaran Laval

5. Daniel Voyager

Kitsune Shan

The only one that I like is the Nalates blog. I cant give you more entries because is the only blog about SL that I need :)


Cajsa Lilliehook

Well, I should of course include my own blog


I also love http://blog.nalates.net/ for the in-depth information and technical stuff

For sims, etc. I like

As a shopper, I cannot imagine being without
http://seraphimsl.com/ as a guide to events.

And then http://shoppingcartdisco.com

And far too many fashion blogs to choose from so I copped out on picking any. And of course, as I am commenting, clearly this blog is a given.

Handy Low

Nalates for technical information on SL:

Inara for general information:

Honour's for excellent reads and pics:

Shameless plug for my own:

Skylar Smythe

1. NWN (naturally)
2. Whiskey Day (her pic's are worth 1000+ words)
3. Strawberry Singh
4. Inara Pey (quality journalism)
5. Daniel Voyager (journalist and good egg)

Thinking of blogs that would promote creativity and ideas to newcomers. That would be the ones I'd send people to in order to get a quality perception of virtual community and activities and events.

Lori / Skylar

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Hehe this is fun. Thanks for doing this. 2000 blogs? Wow, I'm truly impressed!

It's ironic that you ask for your "five favourites". Interestingly enough, I have a page on my own blog where for, a long time, I have pointed out my five major sources of information!

And — surprise, surprise! — they are pretty much what everybody else losts as their own favourites:

1) Living in the Modem World by Inara Pey
2) Nalates' Things & Stuff
3) New World Notes by Wagner James Au
4) Prokofy Neva’s Second Thoughts
5) Tateru Nino’s Blog

Tateru unfortunately has been a bit erratic lately, so I hope she's all right. That I'm a regular reader of Prokofy's shouldn't really come as a surprise: it's important for me to read "the other side" of news, e.g. sometimes we get overenthusiastic about something new or hateful about something we dislike, and it's always good to see precisely the opposite reaction to the very same thing — at the very least, when reporting about something, it makes one question if one's not being overly biased. Prokofy is just the kind of person who makes us question everything :)

The comments to this entry are closed.

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Making Love: When virtual sex gets real (2005)

Watching the Detectives: How to honeytrap a cheater in the Metaverse (2005)

The Freeform Identity of Eboni Khan: First-hand account of the Black user experience in virtual worlds (2005)

Man on Man and Woman on Woman: Just another gender-bending avatar love story, with a twist (2005)

The Nine Souls of Wilde Cunningham: A collective of severely disabled people share the same avatar (2004)

Falling for Eddie: Two shy artists divided by an ocean literally create a new life for each other (2004)

War of the Jessie Wall: Battle over virtual borders -- and real war in Iraq (2003)

Home for the Homeless: Creating a virtual mansion despite the most challenging circumstances (2003)

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