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Thursday, November 22, 2012


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Marianne McCann

Not surprisingly, my Glitchen is Marianne. Feel free to friend me there if you want.

I have to agree about reading the texts. And "Autumn Walk" is all the sadder because of the closure.


I'm Cotterpin, and I have invites if anyone wants to check the game out before it's gone for good.


I'm so sorry. Smoky Messerschmidt, my little rascal in Glitch, should have come back more often. I had a feeling there was so much more to see.

Glitch was too dreamy for its own good, I guess. The world is a little darker for losing a game where you earned points for being kindhearted.


I guess the lack of invite requesters adequately demonstrates the reason Glitch is closing.

Archangel Mortenwold


Glitch had drawn in a lot of Second Life users during its beta period, including myself, but by the game's official launch I had already lost interest and never logged in again.

Sums up why Glitch is shutting down. I never played it, or even knew of its existence until I came to the site and read this entry.

shockwave yareach

I never heard of it. Not even a hint or a word in passing by anyone anywhere about the existence of the VW.

You could have the best virtual world in existence, and it won't matter if nobody knows it is there. Are you taking notes, LL? The only people you are getting to join already know about SL, and they are hard to get to return after you've taken their sims and driven them away with one screw up after another. If you want new players with new money, you can't keep doing what you've been doing -- you'll just keep getting the results you've been getting that way.

Maria Diatorre

I have never played Second Life, and I've heard of this game. I've played it over and over the last few weeks, and it's been amazing. It's pulled me in with the sheer power of its writing alone, and that was before I knew it was closing. This is one of the best games I've ever played. Thank you very much for writing this article, it sums up a bit of what I've been feeling.

Gabrielle Gervasi

Please send me an invite [email protected]

Iris Ophelia

@Gabrielle Enjoy!

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