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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


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Tenshi Vielle

I died at "maxed out coin purse".

James Schwarz

A quick trip to FATEwear, Entente, and Epicosity should cover the basics with regards to clothes. FATEwear and Epicosity have great mesh suits.As for hair, you can check Exile as they have something like you describe (wavy) + Skins from Nivaro.

I would suggest other stores with a wider range of styles, but...baby steps.

Arabella Jones

I'm no judge. I've just spent most of the weekend being very naughty with another furry, and he has this wonderfully literate and dirty mind, and I don't care how ancient the tech in his AV is.

Shapes are tricky because so much of it is the head, and for human AVs that's the big key to identity. But have a look at Penny Patton's Vitruvian shapes


I can assure you that some guys like that sort of female shape...

Jayne Mansfield. Sweaters. Have the Lindens never noticed?

Uccello Poultry

The "Vlad" beard and mustache from Discord Designs (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonsong/154/177/25) is a hybrid prim/texture piece that looks very attractive on my brother's avatar and would suit Hamlet's avatar.

Please give him eyeglasses again. PrimOptics rock! I'd say the "Aloha" glasses to suit his heritage but the "Adria" might be a better choice for looks (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Terra%20Toulouse/93/158/29).

Good luck :D


I love eyeglasses, but I suggest Entente again for the many eyeglass options. Not only are they mesh and tremendously versatile (a HUD controls the texture pack options, and the lenses can be tinted with sliders), but they're also not weighted down with unnecessary scripts, as so many outdated glasses in SL are (really? Do we need flight scripts in glasses anymore? No).

Tattoo/skin facial hair, unless you're trying to go for a full beard. If you're trying to give the impression of well-groomed, trimmed facial hair, go with tattoo layer hair (just as you'd only go with a tattoo/skin-layer hairbase on a woman for severely pulled-back styles). The illusion is sufficient; adding prim hair makes it look scraggly, unless you're trying to create a longer beard.

YES, suits from Epicosity. Or Kauna (not sure if Kauna does a white suit). Or FATEwear. My god, get rid of that duffle bag. Dear men: Stop doing that. It makes you look even more insecure about your peen size than carrying around a rocket launcher or liking Rob Liefeld comics.

Hair is rough -- I was recently ranting about the dearth of good men's hair. Exile has wavy hair like you were mentioning. So does Dura. There are a few good, up-to-date men's hair stores, but they're exactly that: few.

As for shoes, again, try Kauna. They've got some good shoes that should fit exactly what you're looking for.

Adeon Writer

I prefer facial hair (in my case 5o'clocks) that's baked into the skin texture, tattoo beards just look exactly like tatto beards.

A d if you find good short male mesh hair, let me know. I'm still searching.

Ajax Manatiso

Back in 2007, I could find nothing but spiky hair and "heroin chic" hair circa 1990's. Finally I actuall found some decent hair at a Brazilian place, FNKY Cake. A few months ago I set on a quest to find new hair and visited dozens of places -- only to find nothing but spiky hair and 1990's heroin chic hair. It seems like no new men's hair has been created in SL since 2007 so I will still be sporting the same hair -- for another 5 years???

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Prim beards are great for Victorian/steampunk, but for today I'd say tattoo or skin--especially for today's close-cropped beards that almost look like pinstripe car detailing for guy's faces. (I've played with being a bearded lady in SL, so I have a *litle* experience. :))

Do tweak his face, in particular his jaw. Hamlet 2.0 is too square-jawed. Speaking at least for myself, I like his far more affable RL face.

Also, please give him a new outfit. Tom Wolfe, and before him Mark Twain, have/had a lock on the "writer in dapper white suit" look.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Honest, I have experience with plural possessives, too. "...guys' faces."

Bixyl Shuftan

Oh, Hamlet isn't like that all the time. Look what happened in Spring 2011 when he was trying out the "Basic" Viewer2, and something went hilariously wrong: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-QWsqTKwN-ss/TZkwpPnHqeI/AAAAAAAAESY/jk9LlM-Tjdg/s1600/bixylgirlhamlet.jpg

I'm not sure what would improve Hamlet's look. That white jacket and beard seems to have become his trademark.

Hamlet Au


I totally deserve the ridicule, but appreciate the advice. One request: I rarely rock a goatee or glasses anymore, so maybe Hamlet 3.0 can have neither?


Sadly for most SL men, they have to be dragged out by a lady to update their looks. My dreadlocks were recently given the boot by a colleague, who bought me some new and stylin' ones.

But to answer your question: prim facial hair makes a wonderful statement, Iris.

I would go for either "Zappa" or "Dali" from Kallisti Burns' shop (TP link -- no I have not checked it).

As SL gets ever more surreal, we must face it in proper form.


Get rid of the ridiculous inverted pyramid body shape. Makes the arms look like little T Rex arms.

Winter Jefferson

Oh god; I still have nightmares of this to this day.

We didn't get to finish off Hamlet V2.0 because he got too frustrated with the process of editing. And to this day I still ...can't... with the lack of AO. I DID get him one I swear. And shoes. My mandate at the time was to please make him as much like his RL self as poss whilst hearkening back to the Hamlet we know and love - hence the white suit. He absolutely does need updating again.

Go for it guys and girls and good luck!

Harper Ganesvoort

He needs more color! I know he's offering a tribute to Tom Wolfe and that guy's thing for ice-cream white suits, but 7 years or so is a long time for one suit. One of these days, it'll pass the half-life point and start breaking down. Perhaps something from Shiryu Musashi, SF Design or Styles of edo. (I saw a lovely ivory linen suit by edo in the Marketplace, if he wishes to stick with the Tom Wolfe theme, only L$480.)

Ravyn Rozensztok

For short fluffy hairstyles my favorite hair shop would be perfect! - Uwst also known as Uncleweb Studio.

Beautiful modern men's hairstyles - The Dean, Dan or Grain styles look like they would work well for Hamlet I think.

For shoes - definitely [ hoorenbeek ] ! http://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/49237

And if you would like to update Hamlet's skin, JOMO has some great men's skins. I really love the boy skin 025: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/JOMO-boy-skin-025-DEMO/3796281 It has awesome shading and highlights on the lips and lovely fine detailing around the eye and brows.

Plus, it comes in three different body detail options, so Hamlet can be as slim or ripped as he'd like! 。◕‿◕。

Sandy Sandalwood

1. Crewneck sweatshirt, black loafers, tweed jacket, cotton turtleneck, white sneakers
2. Hair slicked back undercut with clean shaven face
3. Fitted duffle is okay while snug is not

HALEY Salomon

great idea ,, no mesh please half of us cant see it yet ,, lots of great stuff un meshed

HALEY Salomon


Iris Ophelia

@Haley Sorry but a mesh suit at the very least is non-negotiable. If 10% of SLers have to see Hamlet with an invisible body to spare 90% of SLers from seeing his virtual buttcrack through his pants... Well, I can live with those numbers. :\

Melissa Yeuxdoux

I've reconsidered the color issue--I could see Hamlet in a white zoot suit.

Uccello Poultry

@Hamlet No goatee and glasses? How about a total Furry makeover then. Perhaps a fox?


I think maybe this suit https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FATEwear-Suit-Smith-Tundra/3949782
is your best option.

Or if you feel like changing things up but keeping the basic "Hamlet" look


Harper Ganesvoort

A zoot suit!? Gotta love it!!

Arabella Jones

A zoot suit sort of drifts into the later Teddy Boy look from Britain--the long jacket which depends on the drape, and is hard to do without Mesh.

No beard, and Hamlet would definitely need new hair.


Make-over by others doesn't work. It has to come from Hamlet himself else it will always appear as a costume. I still meet quite often avs like Hamlet, who are interested in SL but give a f** about their appearance. Maybe this is the most honest approach for him.
And most stores above will just generate a very generic av. As happened with the ChiefLindenMakeOver competition some time ago ...

Kara Trapdoor

I think people need to figure out what they like and do their own makeovers so they are comfortable, but if they feel like they want or need help once a update is suggested then great. Shape, skin, and hair really do need to be a personal choice even if suggestions are made.
Personally I think every guy, even those who don't like to shop, needs at the very least 2 very well put together outfits, casual and formal/professional. (I myself want a zillion different looks) Get the guy an updated mesh suit and style him up, then go to Notsobad and grab a pair of mesh jeans and shirt matched with some Hoorenbeek tennis shoes for more relaxed play. Both styles will look good in his photos and he will only have to mess with 2 outfits since he doesn't seem to like to change, but I know he both works and plays well in SL. All of your points are well made and as cute as he is now.. updates are fun and will put the best foot forward in any situation. While many avatars create unique or even basic looks for a variety of reasons, a well put together av shows a person cares about their SL and how SL is presented to others, in my opinion.

Bouncer Criss

@ Kara

Best Advice so far


I've seen some hair similar to Hamlet AU's rl hair at Dura. And maybe the JHONNY skin and body shape from Unique Megastore.

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