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Friday, November 09, 2012


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Ciaran Laval

Very disappointing news regarding Oskar, he was an excellent communicator but also could be straight with his answers, which sometimes you need to keep the conversation on track.

I didn't read as much from Yoz as I did Oskar but from what I've read, Yoz was popular too.

Obviously people always move on and hopefully these guys land on their feet pretty soon. The circumstances don't seem great in either departure but hopefully they come out smiling.


I am starting to plan for the day when Linden Lab no longer needs the services of its residents in SL. On that day, I will truly mourn.

As the man sang, "love lies bleeding in my hands."


Either LL is kicking out all the good guys or the "evil" Lindens turn into "good" ones, when they leave the company...


@ Saxon. Linden Lab has shown again and again that it thinks it doesn't need the services of its residents. Yet where would SL be if tomorrow there were no events listed on the events listings and no user created content for sale and all freebie user content stopped being available? How many would log on, or come back. Somedays I think we should try to organize a virtual strike action of that nature.

Genevincent Tigerpaw

@ Music Island - A general strike for residents would not work. The nature of sl means that it would be almost impossible to get that level of solidarity.
There has always been dissent within sl, but we keep logging in.
However, you only have to look at the large amount of abandoned land on any map of mainland to see the level of discontent amongst residents.

Dave Bell

I have not always agreed with Oz, but I have always felt he was competent, a straight-shooting communicator, and somebody I could disagree with without getting more personal than "what on earth did you think you were doing!"

I shall miss him.

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