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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


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Maria Korolov

Have a good trip, and have some of those Shanghai fried-egg-with-tomato things for me.

Couldn't stand the stuff while I was there, but often was the only palatable thing on the menu. Now I miss it!

Also -- the under-cooked fried potatoes.

And remember -- you don't have to eat the eyeballs. No matter how much someone tries to tell you, "That's the best part of the fish!" They're just pulling your leg. Same goes for drinking the baijiu.


Have fun!

Hamlet Au

"have some of those Shanghai fried-egg-with-tomato things for me"

I just had one, it rocked! I also appreciated the waitress coming out to show us the still-live grouper fish and blue-tip crabs wriggling in a pot before they went back and killed them, to assure us they were fresh as fuck.

Hamlet Au

Thanks, Ezra!

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