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Monday, December 17, 2012


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Connie Arida

In answer to the question posed by the headline. Yes.
When you can view a 3d environment within a browser and have a client do the same without having to download software, learn a UI and deal with the complications attendant within the SL viewer that have nothing to do with the purpose of just viewing a visualization, again the answer would be, yes.
Horses for courses.


Currently, Yes. You miss out on quite a few niceties like standard avatars (which are important to architectural visualization), but can buy off the shelf solutions which a far more accurate than SL's defaults. Unity is open enough, ubiquitous enough, visually powerful enough, to produce a good solution with minimal effort. Flash 3D is a possible competitor, but doesn't have the sophistication nor focus of Unity's platform, nor it's highly optimized IDE.

Unfortunately, despite progress, SL is not a competitor for architectural visualization. Avatar scaling issues, and game oriented camera systems make it a poor choice. (I say that as a developer who has worked on various architecture projects within both SL and Unity.)

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