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Thursday, January 31, 2013


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You can experiment with running Cloud Party on mobile right now.
There is a thread with talk about device compatibility here:


WebGL is not super stable on mobile yet but it's cool to see it running.

Kim Anubis

Esprite, thanks for that link.


Yep, the way Facebook got to 600+ million mobile users is simply by being on the web. Even if all 300 million or so iPhone users had the Facebook app, it'd still only account for half of the reach Facebook has by being a website first.

Cloud Party, whether it becomes a success or not, similarly will benefit from the face every new mobile device has an increasingly better mobile browser. Just last week Chrome for Android's beta shipped with WebGL support.

It doesn't hurt to bet on an AppStore, or Desktop, but the one thing that seems future proof is the web and the browser.

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