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Monday, January 07, 2013


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Saffia Widdershins

I think DBDigital is right.

However, if we are talking 8.3 violations, I think more serious violations are the cases of criminal extortion related to griefing that have been happening, and the open sale of sim crashers on Marketplace.

The Flatterbots are annoying. They are not destroying people's livelihoods.


It is also good for residents to post on a bots profile "web" tab to let others know that that account is a bot doing this stuff, such as: Cynnthea Resident

Check her "web" tab in the profile and you'll see a few people leaving comments that that account is a bot.


Good to know it violates TOS. But I think it's not a matter of policy here, but a matter of enforcement.

I don't think Miss Flatterbot Operator will give a hoot what the TOS says or stop what she does because of a change in TOS to prohibit begging.


Sorry just one more thing to add, in response to another post above that suggested the bots are annoying but not destroying livelihoods.

Griefers who crash sims or crash viewers - yes that is indeed something serious which Linden Lab should do something about. Especially if they can procure tools that help them do that.

But I think the flatterbots being allowed to continue threatens the SL economy and SL livelihoods also. If content creators who spend hours and hours making stuff, taking business risks and effort in designing and marketing their work on SL marketplace are making less than the 1.2 million lindens that the flatterbot operator makes per month scamming people, maybe we should all stop being builders/scripters/clothes-makers and start operating flatterbots instead.

CarloAntonio Negulesco

So, as far as TOS violations go, reading this makes me think that anyone using an avatar that doe not accurately represent their RL looks and attitude would be in violation of TOS. They are, after all, misrepresenting themselves, are they not?

How many people say they are male and are not, or female and are not? Aren't they "misrepresenting their affiliation" in terms of gender? I would think so.

As far as 8.3 goes, the purpose of the flatterbots are not to increase traffic to any location, so that really doesn't apply.

shockwave yareach

I personally think that any bot should be prevented from using the IM services. Having a bot be able to speak in public chat? Potentially useful, especially for business and sales applications. But I cannot see any good reason for any bot to be able to spam people from one side of the metaverse to the other at random.

Simply change it so that Scripted Agents are not able to use IM and 98% of the abuse will stop. While I see some good uses of bots (Alazarian's shows), I see lots of abuses as well (beggers and traffic manipulators). Since LL can't be bothered to enforce it's TOS, the least they can do is make it so Scripted Agents either cannot chat in IM, or make it so that on the 3rd complaint the IM is disabled for that agent until the owner gives a good reason for LL to reenable it again.

Val Kendal

I agree Hamlet, that's a stretch. I don't see what the 'affiliation' for 8.2 is that is being misrepresented. Seems like 8.3 (iv) is the most reasonable, since their activity *might* cause people to leave a store, but it's not like it's a griefing attack. Much as I find them annoying and a hassle, I just don't see how making up a fake personal story and harassing gullible people (including me) for money in an organized manner, is any different from what hundreds of newbs do every day on a one-on-one level.

Pussycat Catnap

shockwave: I doubt any of the beggar bots are registered scripted agents.

elizabeth (16)

is rubbish this whole argument that DBEpsilon made. bc is contra-principled. the whole argument is based on the idea that is somehow against ToS bc the request is for money

is not against ToS to ask people for anything. like: Hi (: nice dress? where you get? you have LM you can give me?

but thats different according to the argument. bc is a LM. not money

the act of asking is not different tho. if it was somehow different then we all get booted out of SL for asking anyone else for anything

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