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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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Pussycat Catnap

I usually use an IM and a note card, with the same basic info:

Hello, I just bought you widget at SLURL, and its dodad seems to have an issue with XYZ.

Here is my transaction info:

(paste in some lines from my account transaction log, or the dreaded MP order history if I had bought it there).

If I've got a folder with a bunch of items from them, I tell them exactly which filename I'm thinking has an issue, what I did to get that issue, what I did to make sure it wasn't me ("I cleared my cache, relogged, etc, but the problem was still there") - and maybe even a similar item in the same order that worked right ("The one for my right foot looks right, and the other two sizes for the left foot look good, seems to just be the one file").

- IM that, and then put it into a notecard as well.

Details, and being nice. The two keys to success.

Almost every single time, because I make sure it wasn't me, and I play nice and give details, they end up thanking me (usually it ends up something like the 17th file in a fatpack had the wrong texture, and I've just saved them a world of future headaches by alerting them before too many folks had bought it) and I end up wanting to recommend them.

Granted it doesn't happen very often, because MORE OFTEN in testing to make sure it isn't me, I find out it was, and fix the issue myself... :D

Dani Riaxik

Thanks Iris for writing this, its sad to say it but more people truly need to read this and follow the steps you listed. Pussycat thanks for the regurgitation of what was already stated in the article.


I would like to add - Have you read the instructions? Many products have detailed, well thought out and simple instructions included in the notecards, and we don't write them for fun. They are time savers for customers and creators. The time we have to spend spoon-feeding instructions to people who haven't read the instructions or watched the tutorials is time we're not spending making new products.

Pierre Ceriano

Very good introduction to a customer service indeed ! This article is linked to my ingame profile for sure :)

Warm regards
Pierre Ceriano

AmyNevilly Resident

We have to run a huge amount of customer service in SecondAds. We even have our own customer service ticket system:


I have seen every type of customer imaginable really in sl. I think the best strategy is to remain polite at all times with customer service staff. Tell them how important it is to you and emphasise that you acted in good faith.

Please don't threaten content creators ever, as usually they are just trying to do the right thing while working under a lot of pressure!


Good post, but I have to say, if they want me to go to Plurk or outside of SL to resolve the issue I get kind of meh about it and drop it. My loss, I won't buy from them again. If you do business in SL, you should resolve customer service issues IN SL, not making your customers sign up for a whole other platform to communicate with you.

cube republic

Manners make a man or woman ::)

Ayesha Lytton

Thanks so much for posting this! Of course most of the people who most need to read it won't, but perhaps a few will.

I have a couple more tips to add.

When contacting someone about a business matter, get to the point in your first IM. Don't IM and say "Hi", "R U there?" or "I have a question." Say "Hi, I'm contacting you regarding Product X, I'm having a problem with Y, can you please assist me?" I don't have time to play 20 questions with you, just tell me what you want and I'll take care of it or direct you to the appropriate person.

Don't send teleports or friendship offers without asking first. (Why do people send a friend request before even IMing someone? I get that constantly and it drives me crazy). Creators don't need to friend you to help you. Many business owners keep their contact list small to minimize distractions; although my list is large, I don't friend strangers, I get enough random TPs and club spam as it is.

Lutricia Roux

Very good post, seem so many forget common curtesy somewhere on the process login path :)


Hi Iris, I have a question and would like your opinion on what to do. Hope it's ok to ask here, didn't find a ask page.
So I sell some items that I custom color match to people's outfits. When they buy the item it gives them a simple form that explains how to show me the color they want, either take a pic or a link to something online and how to find their transaction info showing when they bought my item. Also, my profile asks for notecards cuz IM's almost always cap. So far no one has ever had a problem and even thanked me for the special custom color service.
But there's this one customer that just will not read directions! IM'ing me like crazy (even when I ask to please send notecards) and sending random IM's asking for customizing more than matching the color, claiming to have bought the item when it was refunded 2 times, when it finally worked then losing the form 2 times (how do you lose a notecard form??). I keep trying to answer politely and resending forms, but it's been 5 days now and this customer just won't read any directions and we're getting nowhere! I don't know how much longer I can be polite anymore. Obviously all my polite words are just not getting through! There are so many rude words that pop into my head whenever I see this person's IM's pop up when I log on, I just want to bang my head on the keyboard and yell at this person to read the darn directions already! Please some advice on what to do? Anyone? At wits end here.

Shari Cortes

Thank you for an older article I hadn't read before today - still valuable now 4 years later!

The one thing missing is that people should always get the DEMo if there is one, complaining having not purchased the free demo from MP and then leaving a snidey or crappy complaint is beyond ridiculous, and for a blogger twice as much so

Thank you once again for such a thoughtful article. I am not a creator but I do know a lot and I appreciate this from both sides of the fence, from theirs and from the customer's side,

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