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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


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Connie Arida

Interesting experiment. Though for continual use it would of course give you a case of "gorilla arm".
Personally I would be more excited that parametric mesh deformation ( whatever happened to that?) or even a Tablet app / viewer for Android or IOS is in development. It IS possible to control movement in a 3d environment. Just check on the latest Epic Citadel to see what is possible.
As always, we residents are never satisfied :)

Arcadia Codesmith

Definite step in the right direction.


Nice development, but is it Windows OS only? Leap Motion does list Mac OS compatibility. If so, I'd buy one.


Win D'ohs only...boo. Back to real life.

AJax Manatiso

LL devs are always developing what is not needed and not wanted instead of working on stability and performance. (Long sighs). They are in bad need of some adults in the LL offices.

Adeon Writer

If this is one step closer to manually peppering my avatar SnowCrash style, I'm all for it.

That wasn't mentioned in the blog post, but I hope it's in the plans, if it is, I'm be buying one if these instantly.


Woooo, great! They should take one more year and put all their code monkeys to that "#1 task of the 2013"!
Facepalm here, big time.
Seriously. On one side, i'm kinda glad that LL still experimenting with SL and ways of input. But on other... &$%#[email protected]*!!!


spanking went out in 2007

Arabella Jones

It looks like a way of giving something close to a touchscreen to an existing desktop computer with added 3D gestures.

That might be useful, looking at the Windows 8 UI design, but it would need support by the people who produce software--bigger buttons and such.

Just pasting a few things over the existing SL UI isn't enough, I think.

Just think for a moment how game UIs have changed over the life of SL. Things such as camera positions and the use of game controller devices. There's a geek-appeal to what Simon Linden shows us, but I'm not sure Linden Labs has the right talent to make the UI changes needed; management, design, or programming.

And it will have to be a deep enough set of changes that I am not sure that a TPV-team will be able to make them stick.

Seren Seraph

Hmm. So why couldn't you tie the leap into anything that can handle a 3D mouse such as Space Navigator, which SL and opensim already understands? It would give you fancier stuff but it would be a useful first pass.

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