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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Great pictures .. luv virtuality meets reality ..but Emma and Tiffany could have had a necklace by Maxi Gossemar at same time :-) ..would be great if that would be for rest of clothes ;-)

Ziki Questi

Nice feature story, and Mon Tissu makes beautiful things.


I've loved Sand Shack Surf Co. since it first opened, and my avatar still wears some of the first clothes and accessories Emma/Tiffany sold in her first store. We're so lucky to have her in SL, designing and selling great stuff.

Adeon Writer

Nice mixed reality pics! Love these.

Corcosman Voom

"SL is bursting at the seams with talent" .. and a good thing, too. If not for the interesting people we meet, concurrency might be in the single digits.

CronoCloud Creeggan

If someone had shown me the RL picture cold and asked me where to get tights like that, I would have said: "Mon Tissu", and I would send them to G Field or J's for the boots. The RL hair reminds me of Exile or Truth.

I like Mon Tissu's stuff, though some of it is a little young for my avatar's over all style. I just am not overly fond of the "shopping experience" there.

val kendal

the photos that go along with this post are fabulous!


Nice blog with nice dresses.


Some really nice images back up with good info.

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