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Thursday, January 31, 2013


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CronoCloud Creeggan

Yeah it's a great interactive way to show off a region outside of SL without the technical hurdles of figuring out a machinima.

And I see I'm not the only one who thought of SL-based Insta-Myst. Which, I agree, would be interesting.

Masami Kuramoto

Explore Second Life through dio, Linden Lab's new web-based, mobile-friendly viewer! If you flip through the still images fast enough, you even get comparable frame rates!

ZZ Bottom

Lol Masami:)
But luckly neb is already testing the bullets phisics, cause its obvjious the Lab is leaving Sl (Just see Niran's blog to understand how can they undermine any usefull product that ones tries to do for Sl!)

Inara Pey

Thanks for the hat-tip, Hamlet.

The SL place was more a test than anythin; it had various other bits I've removed for now as they were just playing with the tools, and so only lasted about a minute each ...

However, dio does have plenty of scope for promoting SL and other venues very well, and I'll be re-working the "gallery" sometime soon to make it a little more interactive. In the meantime, I'll be opening-up a more complete dio place utilising grid images as a focused interactive tour.

Samantha Atkins

I am really not getting it. This stuff was old school in the early days of the Mac using Hypercard. Actually hypercard allowed hotspots to run arbitrary script actions clicking anywhere you liked on any image. So it was much more advanced than this.

What are you guys seeing that makes this cool exactly?

elizabeth (16)


is bc is oldschool. that the attraction. for oldschool themselfs and for newschool that only read about oldschool in books

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