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Tuesday, January 08, 2013


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Ciaran Laval

The only problem being, account linking only works for US customers, I'd have happily linked my Amazon account to Second Life, but I'm unable to do so.

This is an Amazon restriction, so outside the scope of Linden Lab.

However yes I agree, this is a case of good publicity.

Wizard Gynoid

And, erm, Linden Lab... when you say you are limiting the offer to one per customer, have some kind of mechanism in place to enforce that. Otherwise you look like you are begging to be pwned. Which you evidently were. Most people won't turn down a free offer, and even more will accept a hand-out of $4.00USD. Why is that so attractive? It wouldn't be as attractive to naive noobs (who don't know how to cash it out) as it would be to seasoned Residents. I'll bet most of those who bit were.

Pussycat Catnap

If you factor out the deal that was $1000 for free, does it all still do well?

shockwave yareach

LL already has my credit card number and such. I use it to buy L to pay my rent with. It used to pay LL directly for land, but that was before LL turned into a nannystate and a bait and switch mafia.

I'd sooner give a monkey a live handgrenade than give LL a connection to my Amazon, paypal, or CD-of-the-month-club accounts.

RobsterRawb Jaxxon

"Hamlets Advice to the lab" Couldn't Agree more! Stop competing with your residents and empower them instead! ITS WIN-WIN GET IT!

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