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Thursday, February 07, 2013


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Jo Yardley

I've been playing dayz with a female avatar for ages.


Do women play Mario, or they just complain?
I mean, that gender-related hype is getting really annoying. At least the part of it when every game with added female character is considered as a personal victory of feminist society.


Jake i'm afraid you're a tad misguided.

Not everything feminism. Don't bring irreverent things into the conversation. It's common courtesy to acknowledge female players in any game(or at least any realistic game). Males are the target audience; so male players are default and there's nothing wrong with that. I don't see why you're complaining, Since you clearly have what YOU wanted.

I'm a female. Personally I can see what people mean; because if I choose to play as a female character(Because naturally as a female I would) i'm by default more vulnerable than virtually everyone else- since you can't change your clothes or use the ghillie suit. And it sucks because I don't want to have to play a male character in a game that's supposed hyper-realistic.

It just takes away from the overall experience in terms of realism. Because in my perspective, I'm playing some fantasy male- I can't put myself in his shoes because that character can't possibly represent me realistically.

It just makes me uncomfortable to play as a male. You'd feel the same way if you had to play a game where ALL character options were female.

It's also pretty awkward to talk to people with a female voice coming from a males body. So I'm glad that they are acknowledging their female players.

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