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Thursday, February 14, 2013


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Metacam Oh

These choose your own adventure stories were somewhat popular/cool when I was like 6 years old in the mid 80s. They were replaced by a much better interactive fiction, they call them video games these days.

Shockwave Yareach

If you want to kill the fly with the planet-destroying antimatter axe, turn to page 93. If you want to kill the fly with the flyswatter, turn to page 22.

Now, if they created a story universe where there are a hundred characters and the 100 people wanting to play interact IN CHARACTER with each other live in a 3d virtual playscape, you will be well on the way to creating True interactive writing games. Much like WoW has servers and a finite number of people playing on that, you can do the same with a sim; when all the characters needed for one sim are taken, another sim mirroring that is used to start another parallel game. The players then live an interactive story where in addition to the daily life they live with the other characters in their world, the events which bring about conflict and change in the story universe happen to all as well.

This is within LL's level of ability. But it won't run on an iphone, so I guess I'm wasting my breath offering the idea...


"at the very least they should have taken the time to put the creation tools in instead of launching prematurely."

It's Linden Lab! What did you expect? That's their biggest LL hallmark. They do that with every single thing they develop.

"You can't just throw things like dio and Versu at the wall and hope they'll stick"

It's Linden Lab! What did you expect? That's their second biggest LL hallmark. They do that with every single thing they develop. And with Second Life they were just plain lucky that it stuck.

Iris Ophelia

@Metacam and Shockwave, I think you're both sort of missing the point of this kind of tool/game in general.

Interactive media HAS come a long way, and LL IS capable of producing much more complex games and environments, but tools like dio, inklewriter, twine, ren'py, and eventually Versu allow people who AREN'T capable of making a 3D world on their own to still tell engaging stories and share game-like concepts and ideas.

If I had an amazing interactive game idea it's incredibly unlikely that I would be able to produce that into a full mainstream gaming experience. I just don't have the skills (or the connections) required to even get of the ground. But that doesn't make that story or that interactive experience any less interesting or valuable. In a lot of cases games developed in this vein turn out to be more meaningful than even those big gorgeous full-budget blockbuster gaming titles (Christine Love, Christine Love, Christine Love.)

LL is all about providing users with relatively approachable toolboxes to create and realize things that they may not ever be able to otherwise. There is absolutely a place for things like this, and they are entirely in LL's wheelhouse. That's why I'm glad they're publishing things like dio and Versu--I only wish they would do it BETTER.

@Pienaar Not exactly. Don't forget that SL took *years* to really blossom, but they nurtured it and gave it the time it needed.

Shockwave Yareach

@Iris - I'm not against tools that give people the ability to realize visions that they would not otherwise be able to create. However, historically, Sturgeon's law still holds. And thinking that everybody out there has a story to tell doesn't mean the stories are good for most people.

Way back in the 70s, we in electronic music had a shared vision. The only reason Mozart music is known today is because his genius was LUCKY enough to be born to a daddy who commanded an orchestra. Thus Mozart had not only the education, but musicians at his beck and call. Had he been born to a Muskrat herder, we'd never have heard his tunes. Thus we set out to make music tech that would allow anyone to be able to play, and any Mozart suffering in silence could then release his gift.

The results? No mozart appeared. And many musicians of today are lazy, preferring Autotune to learning to sing and quantization to playing correctly. Just because the world COULD have a hidden wonder does not mean said wonder actually exists. Just like I could have gold nuggets in my flower bed, but more than likely all I'll find are flowers.

Just like anyone can learn to create a shared 3D realm in SL, but only a fraction of those in SL bother to learn how to do said building. And you think everybody and their cousin being able to write a story means the next great American Novel is nigh?

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