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Thursday, February 21, 2013


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Ilsa Hesse

I tried versu, and the one a month or so ago. In both cases I was thinking "ok, what do I use it for?" A choose your own adventure book for my ipad is a bit old news. If I want adventure I find a pirate sim in SL

Ilsa Hesse

Dio, that was it


There is an even better way Linden Lab could boost the user growth: By bringing out an Android version, the platform that the majority uses.

Seven Overdrive

I wanted to try Versu, but it doesn't seem to be available for the iPhone, yet.

Shockwave Yareach

Hey, it's on an iPhone!! It HAS to be a success, because it's on an iPhone!! It can't fail... iPhone!! :)

The games that people play on iphones and ipads are quick, short, little things that they can do while waiting 20 minutes at the dentist, in line at the DMV, etc. They are timekillers. And that's fine -- a timekiller game that you always have with you serves the same role we used to solve by carrying a paperback everywhere.

But giving people on Iphones a game that requires work, study, effort, and time to learn how to play isn't going to go very far, because it fails to take into account what games people are playing on iphones, and precisely how and why they are playing it on their iphones.

The irony that certain people complain that computers are "relics" and then put out "choose your own adventure" games like we had in the 70s is not lost on me, either. Perhaps the lab can offer a 5$ print-on-demand dead tree version of your custom adventure with the press of a button? If you're going back to the future, may as well go all the way.

Adeon Writer

I tried Creatorverse but the lack of text made me give up early. I still don't understand it.

Ciaran Laval

Interesting that you mention cross promotion because I've touched upon that issue myself in relation to the banner advertising hoo-ha.

Are these statistics unusual for apps released on IOS and Android devices? How many apps do grab a foothold?

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