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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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DeltaDharmadawn Aubret

I am wondering if the soon to be released Univ Life Sims pack, which has an apt/dorms build feature, will carry over into other worlds and allow to to reset lots to apt or dorms. That would allow you to assign and lock individual rooms. Could be useful. I also wondered if hiring a butler and then using CAS would help Molesley perform his duties. Well in any case it is an ambitious and fun project, one I could never pull off but so fun too follow your series.

Iris Ophelia

@DeltaDharmadawn It's possible, but I would need to be able to assign rooms to more than one person so that Anna could get the laundry etc. The current system allows you to lock doors to all but one person or to all but household members. If university adds door locking to 2-3 people that would be ideal, though that seems like a feature they would deploy in a patch alongside an EP rather than the EP alone.

Also I considered flagging Thomas and Molesley as proper butlers, however the butler system is very buggy. There's lots of issues with having to assign and reassign beds for butlers every week, and my ultimate fear is that something would go wrong and I'd lose them and have to start the characters fresh, which is not a chance I'm willing to take :\

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