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Thursday, February 28, 2013


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Petr Vanbeeck

I recently discovered the skin i wear, made by Wavie Haller at Sacred Skins is being sold on MP as a skin template.

I reported it to Wavie and his partner and filed an abuse report. I know it won't make any difference on the abuse report because its not my IP. But it made me feel better.

Arabella Jones

Abuse Reports in general, I have no confidence that Linden Labs will ever take any action. It doesn't matter what the reason; griefing or copybotting or the brain-dead sexual harassment. I've never seen any sign of a reaction.

ZZ Bottom

I lost account of how many times I reported to original creators just to listen to them said to me that they did so many reportes and LL never cared about any!
LL is guided by one sole idea, all belongs to them!
And unless a civuilo court order is made, they will never do any, cause in gthe end they are right, all content as per Tos as soon as is placed In world be,longs to them and only them alone!

Ajax Manatiso

I stopped making couples animations because of this issue. I found an in-world store selling rips of my animations and the worst part was they seemed to be doing LOTS more business than my store. I did the whole AR thing - that store is still going strong and still selling rips of my stuff. So it goes.

Arcadia Codesmith

Addressing the last point: it might behoove creators to reward legitimate reports of theft with a copy of the original merchandise or a gift certificate. There's some potential for abuse, but I think a greater potential to incentivize people to report rip-off artists.

And judging from the comments, it might be worthwhile to do some educating on the correct way to file a DMCA takedown. LL isn't obligated to react to an AR, but they risk significant legal exposure if they sit on DMCA notifications.


You are missing the important point:

sexy librarian + 100 L = win



tito devinna

i dont know if this has been brought up but telling the person who made the article that it might be stolen would not be a bad idea either. in the case of textures the item creator may already know. But in the case of mesh and sculpt templates being bought on good faith by an item creator, to be used in a creation, the item creator may not know they are stolen. I have seen whole mesh template stores that are filled with objects taken from other creators off of the google sketch up warehouse. realize that sometimes the item creator may have no idea that they may be using stolen content. the cake i created may be mine but i bought the eggs from a guy whole stole them from the farmer


@Petr Vanbeeck - Wavie sells templates though... so that might be why.

Cisop Sixpence

So, I'm guessing I'm the only one who noticed that Librarian is spelled 'libararian' in the picture.

Arcadia Codesmith

I believe that's intentional, Cisop. It's rare to find an IP thief with strong proofreading skills.

CronoCloud Creeggan

@ Iggy

I'm always running into librarians in SL (Can't dig a tater hole in a 512 without finding librarians)...but they don't dress like that.... I once teased one by telling her she should be wearing pencil skirts and glasses.

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