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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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DaveDorm Gaffer

Shattered Rock? (last paragraph).

Come on, Hamlet, you're better than that! LOL

Iris Ophelia

Whoops, fixed it. Sorry, it's Iris at the helm today, and I haven't had my coffee D:

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Someone at Splintered Rock definitely loves Dune :)

So, are the people behind Splintered Rock paving their way to LL's new interactive story-telling game/platform? :)

Vooper Werribee (Darren Green)

Hi Gwyneth, wouldn't it be cool if the interactive storytelling tools LL is coming up with interfaced nicely with each other and with SL! I'll take another look at the LL story platforms again - but from what I can make out they are very much stand-alone and wouldn't really help withthe sort of redering interactio nthe Splintered Rock comic introduces.
Oh and yes - the sims that splintered rock is created on were Dune roleplay sims once upon a time: type 'enforcers of Dune' into Google and you'll see the NWN blog fro mthe time when Herbert Estate lawyers shut down Dune RP.

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