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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


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Iris, you're good.

Linden Lab doesn't seem to want to "care" about anything except their own greedy interests.

That's fine, but why build your work around community-driven projects?

Linden Lab doesn't seem to understand who and what they are... or have the slightest curiosity about it.

Stephen Venkman

The biggest flag that your article raised for me was this: "it feels like Linden Lab has been throwing things out to see what sticks, but not necessarily giving those things the time or the care they need to flourish before throwing the next thing out."

Sounds pretty much like Second Life, why would it changed for a different platform?

Metacam Oh

Great read Iris. I would like to point out though that the Linden Lab that fostered the Community that built Second Life is no longer the same Linden Lab that is in place now. Those folks are long gone.

Shockwave Yareach

I second Metacam. Those people present at the founding of SL who had a vision of it as a revolutionary product that could eliminate distance as an impediment are long gone. Those left have no idea how to work with any users, never mind a community of them.

Take their special event for Valentines day. After waiting and waiting, the lab graciously gave all of us who logged in a certain day the enormous sum of 10L as a thank you. I would have liked being told the island of IluvU was back. I'd have even loved a special event Linden Bear. But 10L? 0.4 of a penny? Wow, they paid a whole 6 minutes of my tier! I'll remember that for the rest of this minute; maybe less.

The lab wants to operate like Ford and give their dealers the job of interacting with the customers. Trouble is, the dealers don't have the powers they need to be able to do that. And quite frankly, LL sells Yugos instead of Fords.

Ciaran Laval

I think it's a bit too early to say where these products are heading. I'm bitterly disappointed that Versu is a tablet app, although in some ways that's good as it means it doesn't eat into my lack of time I already have.

However I think it will be worth seeing where they are in twelve months with these products, communities will evolve, whether they will be strong enough to maintain these products remains to be seen but it's not unusual for a new player to enter an existing market and prosper.

Graham Mills

Haven't tried Versu but actually thought of Twine when I tried dio. As it outputs a modified TiddlyWiki, there's a lot of customization possible. There's a hosted version too called TiddlySpace.


I think the idea is to get as many new game titles on the map as possible that resembled other popular game formats with a twist. Motivation? SELL OUT ... that's my thoughts at least. LL needs to show that SL isn't all they have up their sleeve and that they aren't just the "tainted" company that the rest of the business world sees them as, due to the natural of the beast virtual worlds tend to be, i.e., Second Life's Hard Ally and Zindra, IMVU's equally populated and unmoderated BSDM/slave community, Red Light and sadly even the kids vw, Habbo.

One wonders how Facebooks Cloud Party has managed in this dilemma. I heard from one business person trying out Cloud Party that his neighbors, that could be clearly see in the distance and tped to hung out their kink flag for all to see, so I suspect they are becoming aware of the double edge sword of this as well.

The reality is that once your community is associated as a virtual world that is somewhat hidden from the world, the community gets the idea to dip into the dark side of the pool. Until someone figures out a way to meditate this progression or at least handle it responsibly, I personally don't see VW's being taken seriously or going viral in a big way again. They just smell bad or feel weird to the other 99% of the internet users. Not saying that's how I feel personally, but that's the reality we all have to face as to the WHY this stuff is not taking off the way it should have - lack of vision, lack of moderation, lack of real customer service ... its the wild west still.

Shockwave Yareach

Dipping into the dark side of the pool is not a problem. You people are fooling yourselves if you think the REAL world doesn't have the same twisted things in it -- yet I don't see most people screaming to "clean up" what other people are doing in their own homes or what not. That's because freedom for you means freedom for everyone else, even if $kink isn't your bag. You leave others to their fun and you enjoy your own.

What's different in VR is that people in it don't bother with discretion. They wave their "kink flag" for all to see, as you put it. And that's the problem that needs to be addressed rather than trying to Disneyfy the grid again (which failed miserably, as so many of us warned it would). What should be put in the TOS is that you are subject to the laws of your country, and whatever you are (legally) doing in your land is your business PROVIDED your neighbors or passersby in public areas do... not... have... to... see... it.

If you have a capture rape maze in your land (my personal dislike, but I won't tell people what they can and can't do for their own fun on their land) then fine; just keep the frivolity out of view unless someone is on your land or cams in. And anyone camming in has made the deliberate choice to a) see, b) break the TOS by camming through walls to peek. Keep your >R rated stuff out of public view and what you do is your business. But when everyone can see, it's everyone's business.

The best sign I've seen anywhere in a club states that any sex acts by guests will not result in banning -- they will be publicly graded. Never had any problems since :)

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