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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


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Ciaran Laval

The issue right now isn't so much the artwork, it's the content, or lack of and people don't discover that until it has been delivered.

This needs addressing.

Adeon Writer

I never trust logo t-shirt stores. :/

Mesh is the bigger problem - ripped videogame models.

See a cute dog on the marketplace? Sorry, it's a small prop you'd never recall from game you've never played in a language you can't understand on a console you don't own.

Shava Nerad/Shava Suntzu in SL

Thanks for this! It's so often I run into people assuming that it's only big compsnies getting ripped off in the digital world and that somehow that means it doesn't matter - but what it means is that big companies degrade the wsalaries of staff artists and indy artists make less as the culture of greed takes over, out of willful ignorance. People say of course peeople will rip off digital content, no one is watching and there is no harm. But the harm is to the social contract and the arts.

Shockwave Yareach

None of which are bulletproof. Ad doesn't match your personal idea of how an ad should look? Too bad -- that doesn't mean I didn't create the texture for the dress, because I know dressmaking and not advertising. The art can't be legal because $artist is well known? Do you remember that incident where Flickr banned someone for having pictures of Madonna, and it was Madonna herself?

For things like star wars and battlestar, we in SL should follow the same rules as Anime had to for many many years. Japanese law forbade putting any real trademark in any manga or anime. So the writers had fun creating Xerex, Mimolta, Nissam, etc etc. It added to the fun of the show, finding the fake brands. And the true trademark holders could do nothing, as nobody was infringing on Xerox when the manga clearly showed the device was named Xerex instead. That would instantly eliminate the problems between the VR world and the RL brands, as well as add to the fun here in VR. I may not be allowed to have a CocaCola machine, but a CoocooCola machine would be funny.


A customer alerted me today of one of my houses for sale on the marketplace -- it actually had duplicated the entire listing and pictures! I purchased it and discovered that it was not a house at all but some kind of HUD, I presume some griefer HUD.

The smarter criminals can take advantage of LL's lack of interest in regulating the marketplace by not bothering to even rip content at all, but just selling empty (or worse than empty) boxes.

The buyers come into the forums every day with a sad tale about being defrauded -- but the marketplace is a ruthlessly Buyer Beware place.

And frankly, some ppl don't care where the content came from. There are currently hundreds of listings in one store with easily identified hair from top designers, with glowing reviews for the wonderful bargains! (These listings disappeared then reappeared, which tells me it is likely a Gala vs Hush situation, where the filers of the DMCAs were counterfile on.)

Shockwave Yareach

@Pamela -- I have an interesting viewpoint, as I'm a builder but not really a businessman. I'm in SL for fun, and building is fun for me. Thus there are times when I buy stuff, in the marketplace and inworld.

You state that people don't care that "There are currently hundreds of listings in one store with easily identified hair from top designers". Question -- easily identified by who? The customers? How is a person buying hair going to have the slightest idea that it looks like the work of $designer? You folks who eat and breathe SL fashion may recognize each others work. But the rest of us have no clue it's $designer's work and stolen stuff.

Don't blame us for not recognizing your friend's work on another's Marketplace store just because YOU think it's obvious. It isn't obvious to the populace at all.

Arcadia Codesmith

Good tips. No, they're not foolproof. There's always the outside chance that an SL creator can make beautiful original clothing or hair and produce horridly amateur advertising. There's also an outside chance that the RL shady-looking dude peddling electronics out of the back of his van is a perfectly honest businessman. A simple exercise of common sense should help figure the odds.

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