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Thursday, March 14, 2013


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DeltaDharmadawn Aubret

Watch the lightening, it can be deadly - don't want any one dying prematurely. It may be wise to nuke the supernaturals, though I love them.
watch out that the aliens don't get Matthew preggies, that might really put Mary off. My poor Fferyllt never really accepted Finns alien child.

A shrew, poor Anna, whats was Bates' wife name?? :)

Harper Ganesvoort

Nah, don't nuke all the werewolves...just sugar them. That'll keep them out of the picture!

Wolf Baginski

I have consulted with Lady Helen, my local expert on the 1920s life, and she reports that the answer to Werewolves is a Winchester Model 1897, cylinder bore, loaded with buckshot. But it simply will not do on the grouse moor.

As for other matters, she reports that Stephen Tennant is rather sweet, but the gold-dust he puts on his hair can be rather a give-away. I was not prepared to enquire further.

Kim Anubis

You could name the shrew Kemal Pamuk. Just because it's so fun to say.


If Thomas comes home with a pet, definitely should be named O'Brien. Should name Anna's pets after the other maids that you couldn't include.

Also I think it's hilarious that Thomas got fleas, I assume from playing with Isis too long, given his relationship with dogs in the show, lol.

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