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Thursday, March 21, 2013


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Vivienne Daguerre

Good tips! I have had only two reviews that irked me. One was actually promoting a competitors product, saying it was better. That was not appropriate. That was some time ago. The other was complaining about an animation that holds a basket on the arm is frequently over-ridden by animations in the person's AO. The basket animation was priority 4, and apparently were some animations in the AO. The fault was not in the priority level of my animation, but in the priority of the AO animation. AO animations should be a 3 at the highest so you can be animated to hold or carry something while walking or sitting. This is a prime example of the rater not knowing enough about animation priorities to rate me fairly. It is annoying, because others who do not know will think my product is faulty. It does not appear to have hurt sales of this popular item.

Arcadia Codesmith

when you read reviews, it's pretty obvious who's giving useful feedback and who's just trolling (or being a blindly uncritical and defensive fanboi).

Star ratings are useless and always have been. If it's not an alt army boosting them artificially high, it's trolls dragging them down.

And scales are subjective. I don't give out five stars for anything that's not both innovative and perfectly executed. Other people will give five stars because it's pink and they love pink.

Tips for reviewers are an exercise in futility. It would be more to the point to train customers how to evaluate reviews.

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