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Monday, March 18, 2013


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Graham Mills

I think it has a lot of potential -- and I believe it's currently alpha rather than beta. Zero-install, ability to run on mobile devices and support for STL exports will make it of interest to educators.

ZZ Bottom

Amazing already, it took me less then a sec to register and login.
Now, think, You host your grid via opemn sim.
You want some to come and see how its your grid, you don't ned to make him, her download any, they will log in in a few sce and will be in world.
they can chat, listen to musci, start understanding what id a sim and then move to the next step, download a reg viewer and login with it!
Its already endless possiblities to bring more ppl to know about virtual worlds!


Anyone remember the reaction to VRML ?

OOo look a web interface into virtual reality !
Happy Happy Joy Joy...

OO wait.. If we add interaction interfaces it gets cluttered.. And OOPS um you need a completely different tool to generate a virtual objects.. and OOOO damn All that content requires bandwidth and graphics processing power.

So yes.. Its a milestone. We've reached the hardware price point where people can afford web viewers with HUGE graphics processing power. Coders have access to high level graphics tool kits and are looking for content to point at. Someday..when there are thousands of flat sims with box houses and 256x256 textures everywhere, we will be able to fly around them using just our watches.

There are PLENTY of light weight SL clients that have evolved to serve the needs of serious VW users. This sounds to me like another "Look what i can make" app.

Even Linden Labs (who LOVES doing this for no good reason) has recognized that the viewer is an integral part of the viewer experience. Those who have a "less than optimal" experience with it DON'T download another app and try again.

If you want to show off your build.. Here is a hint.. almost all those magical hand held mobile devices you love so much ALREADY support YouTube playback... Make yourself a Marketing / How-To video.


Seems like the Pixieviewer site is dead, the blog requires you to log in just to read it - and the account creation widget just rejects everything.

So it looks like something went horribly wrong with this software just a few months after it made an appearance.

Since it seems to have been fairly mature - that's a bit of a surprise.

Does anyone know the real story?

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