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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


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Wolf Baginski

Wrong Army, Molesley...

I am not going to shout at you, Molesley. I know you can hear, but I feel I should inform you that you have disappointed your Sergeant. You are improperly dressed, you are sulking, AND YOU ARE PEELING POTATOES BEHIND THE COOKHOUSE FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK!


This is so entertaining! I love your writing! I look forward to more posts. keep it up, and don't get rid of the supernaturals. Those werewolves crack me up

Cat Boccaccio

I am really enjoying he adventures of the Downton Abbey Sims, and your great photos. I love the random, almost surreal tangents, like the tissue box museum exhibit, the gnome dog, Sybil's tattoo, the appearance of Molesly in army fatigues.

There was not as much autonomy when, years ago, I built Manderly (from the novel 'Rebecca') in the Sims, and peopled it with both Mrs DeWinters, Maxim, Mrs Danvers, the estate agent and so on. They were all shameless, and didn't seem to care who they slept with, but otherwise were mainly concerned with snacking and showering.

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