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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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Cube Republic

Played this over the weekend for several hours. I feel like I was sucked into the hype. I found it totally boring and pointless.

Shockwave Yareach

I'll just wait for EA and Maxis to remember that games are all about entertainment. Put in disc, press button, play game. If they make it so I cannot be entertained by their product because of DRM or server issues or even just wanting to play by myself ALONE without net connections (not everyone has broadband you know), then they make me want to spend my money elsewhere.

Adeon Writer

I'm only going to play Maxis's games in the future if they can be played without an Internet connection. This is worlds of stupid.


nice post.


Weird, I have no problems to play the game since Saturday. My city loads at once, each time I hit the button. And additionally, I find the game totally fun and addictive. No SL for me for a while, I've left for SimCity.


The servers have been fine for me since Saturday...


lol Since Saturday...... tell us how things are 5 years from now, then tell us how things are 15 years later.


I hear the rating has now dropped to 4. Also, I understand that when the roads clog up with cars, the associated electricity and plumbing clogs up too. In previous versions I've built cites with very few roads, relying on mass transit systems; clearly that would be impossible in this version. It sounds very constrained.

Robin Williams

Thanks for this great gift to all of us. I and I think we all really appreciate this game as a gift from you. I like it so much that I am a big fan of this game. You are doing a good job by offering this game as a gift.

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