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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


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Arcadia Codesmith

Spot on. Every day I'm encountering people who openly advocate a return to segregation as the most "natural" path for humanity, and when you confront them with their blatant racism, they accuse you of being racist for even using the word.

It leads precisely to a climate in which racist organizations are emboldened to murder law enforcement and officers of the court, yet few even label their campaign of intimidation as what it is: terrorism. We too busy targeting peaceful demonstrators for social justice and people who vandalize torture labs and inconvenience illegal fishing vessels with that particular label.

Too many people want to undo the sixies... whether we're talking about the 1960s or the 1860s.

Franklin Ross

I'm curious. Isn't "coon" as objectionable as "nig***?" Yet one is partially blocked out in your article, and the other isn't. Why not block both?


i never die.

Hamlet Au

Totally a personal judgement call, but I think the latter is far worse, especially since it's still used more often as a slur. I don't even like looking at the word when it's in a non-antagonistic context.

Mickey Blue Eyes

I am ashamed of you. You resort to the MSM's claim that anyone who objects to Obama's philosophy and polices are raaaacists. You assume that nobody would have any objection to Obama's policies and how he is running the country. You ignore how his Marxist philosophy has been proven to be a failure. You ignore how his Socialist and Crony Capitalism (Solyndra, A123, Fisker, etc.) policies have failed. You ignore that his efforts to create more jobs have only reduced the number of jobs, reduced the size of the workforce, and made the taxpaying class a minority of voters. Obama is the most extreme Socialist we have had in the White House since FDR.

None of this has to do whether he was from Kenya or Hawaii or Indonesia. It is all about his policies running the country into the ground. However, you'll probably still call me a raaaaaacist because only raaaaaaacists would object to anything Dear Ruler does.

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