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Monday, April 01, 2013


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Ilsa Hesse

is Omlette a cousin of yours?

Graham Mills


The announcement at GDC13 of free Havok libraries for indie Android devs could be handy too.

Incidentally, Hamlet, Lumiya already does all that and more, hence its popularity.

Steven King

It is definitely possible if it is done ala the OnLive gaming platform. An iPad or Android tablet is not powerful enough to do all the rendering locally.

Arcadia Codesmith

Several of the April Fools pranks I saw this year were of the "oh, that's cool! PSYCH!" variety.

They don't really hit their hilarious stride until a rival company sees it, strokes their chins, and a year or two later releases the product that the original company thought was so ludicrously impractical that they made a joke of it.

Dizzy Banjo

ha "more free" .. "free-er" would be good too :)

A very lightweight avatar environment could be interesting on a tablet or phone - but I personally think it will be a FAR more interesting proposal on something like Google Glass.. I want to walk down the street and see people's avatars overlaid over their physical bodies. I want this now. :)

As for mobile clients, I actually quite like extremely lightweight clients like Pocket Metaverse and on the desktop SLiteChat. I use them a lot of brainstorm ideas with fellow SL creatives when I actually specifically do not want the performance hit of a full graphics capable viewer.

Archangel Mortenwold

Firstorm would NOT be my pick to go mobile. Phoenix or Singularity, or Cool VL Viewer, yeah, but not Firestorm or any other viewer that uses the V2-V3 user interface. My SL girlfriend uses Lumiya from her pad but it crashes every few minutes, often times every few seconds. Second Life was just not designed with mobile apps in mind.

Remington Aries

People should realise that the pads get updated each year, my iPad 4 runs real racing 3, a fully immersive racing simulator at a definition so high you cannot see any pixels. The frame rate is incredibly high too. Bottom line, that pad has considerably more 3D rendering power than the computers hooked up to SL in 2005.


Blue Mars already does the mobile avatar-based 3D chat room thing, and it is almost unbelievably dull.

Jeff Dearman

Why the hell wont Firestorm make a app for android phones, ipad, iphone?

WAKE THE HECK UP I'd pay $3.99 for it...please make this! app!!!! thanks

Jeff Dearman

And why cant singularity or the others make apps too???

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