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Thursday, April 18, 2013


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Vivienne Daguerre

Will you take the blue or the red pill?

Adeon Writer

I did hear somewhere out universe was indeed just a surface of a higher-dimention shape or something similar.

It's all far above my head.

Just don't crash the simulation, thanks,


So if we're in a simulation... what's our bake fail equivalent?

Adeon Writer

"So if we're in a simulation... what's our bake fail equivalent?"

Quantum theory and the Observer Effect are just peeking behind the curtain into some resource optimizations. Why simulate the complex internal biological systems of some flower in a field in the middle if nowhere miles from anything "important" until someone actually needs to examine it. Fill the details in when it's actually needed, I say.

Ever wander into a room and instantly forget why you're there?

Packet loss.

Suddenly forget how to say the word you know you know?

Chat lag.


I can never find anything in first-life inventory.

This must be virtual.

PS: sending student to this post, Hamlet, who is writing about Baudrillard and the Hyperreal. My theory? Jean Baudrillard is God and we are living in his consensual hallucination.

Metacam Oh

Quantum mechanics does make the word look like a simulation. Check out Philip Rosedales talk at Singularity institute, he talks about this.

Maria Korolov

If our world is a simulation, is there a game developer out there who created it? Or a company?

Is it simulations all the way down?

If it's a simulation, are we players -- or are we NPC's?

If we're players, can we get our money back?

Adeon Writer

Metacam my post was not serious. :)

Connie Arida

Deja Vu

Connie Arida

Deja Vu

Connie Arida

Deja Vu

Skylar Smythe

Oh brother :)



Does this mean every time I buy milk, Linden's making 5%?

Eddi Haskell

This is as much a philosophical as it is a technical question, and actually has been thought about one way or another since the early days of civilization.

Is what we see "real" or is it merely a huge game that others have created for us to play in the cosmos? Is there order to the randomness? As George Constanza's mother would say, why should I make cook this paella if the Seinfeld's won't eat it? (I actually thought I was saying something profound right now, but it makes as much sense as the rest of this Sartre-like garbage that I just wrote.

Tracy Redangel

There is no spoon...

Arcadia Codesmith

Cogito ergo sum is good enough for me. If I'm an NPC, well, *shrug*. It makes no difference in my daily life.

We are mobile organic computers and reality is a model we construct as a projection and extension of our own limited sensory perceptions. I'd like to be able to upload my data set to the network before my containment device breaks down. If that proves to already be taken care of, so much the better.

Metacam Oh

Adeon, I'm not saying I believe we live in a simulation, but Quantum mechanics and the spooky action at a distance could almost best be explained by a simulation analogy. Like you said, why simulate every electron, every photon, until it actually needs to be measured? Look at quantum entanglement. How can anything travel faster than light? Well, in a simulation, space is just an illusion. Something can appear to travel faster than light because when dealing with data and simulating, its taking place in a dimension outside the normal 3 dimensions.

Virtual Clover

Ever pass something every.single.day. and know it inside out and then suddenly notice for the first time some new artifact?

I've lived here for almost 2 years and just recently noticed a neighboring house has a surveillance camera on its roof. It's been there since they moved in.

Love the Simulation argument.

Wolf Baginski

I have a suspicion that politicians and managers are badly-implemented NPCs. That would fit with the apparent sociopathic tendencies. They have to be programmed within a tight budget, hence "There is no such thing as society."

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