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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


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Wolf Baginski

To me, North American culture is pretty damn alien anyway. So I can't see it making any difference.


Hamlet, I'd love to know more about their gaming culture. It's terra incognita to most of your readers.

I've learned from Chinese students how they use social networking there: not at all like US users. So I wonder how different their gamers are?

Emilly Orr

I would be. Since many of us end up playing Chinese or Korean games, and run into these odd halts in gameplay, where it's obviously a gaming culture moment we just don't understand, I'd definitely be interested in additional insights.

Connie Arida

Didn't the Chinese have their own version of SL back in the day? Of interest would be their take on censorship where they block keywords in media yet you would think that would be fairly impossible within a closed ecosystem like SL.

Hamlet Au

Yes, Hipihi -- they didn't get enough users, and had to pull the plug. That's a very good point about chat in MMOs, I'll have to look into it.

Arcadia Codesmith

China, Korea, Brazil, Russia, Japan, India... bring it on. The distances between us are shrinking. We need a lot less fear and a lot more understanding when we're rubbing virtual elbows.

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