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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


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Damien Fate

Honestly, I would love it. But probably not for such an action-orientated game like TF2. Maybe for more immersive experiences like RPGs - think exploring The Elder Scrolls on foot...


This is really cool.

Jo Yardley

I'd love that.
Having fun, enjoying a game and not turning into a big fat couch potato at the same time... sounds like a good deal to me.
Even for SL, I would rather enjoy having to actually move and walk in RL to get somewhere.
Besides, it is always voluntarily.


Inelegant but after the Wii Board I wouldn't rule this out as something people would want to use.

It seems there'll be a Kickstarter for it soon. We'll know then the level of interest.

Adeon Writer

I'd love it for non-action first-person-perspective games, not shooters, but other actiony games like Mirror's Edge, yes please.

Hamlet Au

"Inelegant but after the Wii Board I wouldn't rule this out as something people would want to use."

I was just thinking about the Wii balance board, or even the motion control wand -- it all sold really well and people used it for awhile... but to judge by slipping sales of Wii software, they seemed to have given up on it.

Arcadia Codesmith

Screw the gym. *COVET*


Oculus Rift + gaming treadmill = first-generation holodeck. :)

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