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Thursday, April 25, 2013


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Rumors float around that the ban on consoles will soon be lifted. But if not, what makes you think that the Rift + a treadmill won't be seen as yet another potentially addictive toy by Chinese authorities?

Jo Yardley

Also don't forget that many people, especially in some of the larger cities, have almost no space.
They live in tiny apartments and rarely escape to the country side.
For them, jogging trough lovely views of nature, will also be healthy on a mental way.
Of course a happy and healthy worker is a good worker.

Arcadia Codesmith

"I doubt many out-of-shape Western gamers really want it"

I don't understand your doubt. All of the major U.S. consoles have multiple fitness apps, and that's on top of a mountain of non-interactive fitness videos.

Thing is, there're all boring as hell. But put a workout in the context of fantasy, science-fiction, or comic book superheroes... yeah, I'll push past the pain if I can KO the Joker. Time for the punchline, creep!


actually, I have noticed that on almost all housing estates, not the fancy ones, just middle class newer ones, there is always a playground area with many exercise machines. walking, different waist twisting, parallel bars, weighs on the legs to do legs push ups, sit ups, out in the open. And usually there are older people using them. Retired people and often with children. Working age people are off at the work place maybe. These are like swing playground type installations. Its really v gd. Next time people people visit Beijing, if you have time, just take a walk off the side streets and look at the housing estates, what exercise machines are provided on a broad basis. Often, they could be just along the sidewalk on a strip of green lawn.

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