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Tuesday, April 09, 2013


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not sure, but there might be difference in attempting to log into SL from an international business hotel in a metropolis and a private modem in a social housing estate in an industrial city in central china...


There is no worry about normal commerical establsihment and normal residential house. I have some friend living in China. They are on and off from home and office. China has very small player in SL. And SL is already not to accept their credit card or other payment. SLers from China are all living by themselves. And this is one of the reasons not popular in China.

eddi haskell

Aren't all the Anshe Chung alumnus from China? I thought Anshe herself was from China- the Mainland part, and not Taiwan or Hong Kong.

Hitomi Tiponi

I was in China just last week and can confirm that SL access there is fine from normal housing lines. The authorities won't care about SL unless Chinese pro-democracy areas start getting some traction - and unless the sex causes some big furore the authorities won't care about it. They already ignore Chinese drug and gun peddling sites despite the fact that they are supposedly illegal.

Incidentally New World Notes is perfectly accessible from China but some other SL blogs using popular blogging software are blocked e.g. Inara Rey's site.

Hamlet Au

Yeah I noticed I'm able to load NWN from China with no problems, so I guess I'm not being blocked. I'm kind of offended by that! :(

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