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Tuesday, April 09, 2013


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Natalie Seymour

I'm very excited for this and I wish they would extend the material features to include the SL avatar. It would be amazing to have normal map features for skin makers to add realistic details or even on clothing system layers....I can only dream :(

Adeon Writer

Sporting a normalmapped hoodie from day one thanks to an awesome friend! :)


You know what this means?

Shiny disco suits!

Someone please make one.

Adeon Writer

Let me get this overwith:


That said thanks to an awesome friend I'm now sporting a normal mapped hoodie.

Adeon Writer

My original post didn't go thought at first, oh well, this is exciting enough to say more than once. :)

Aliasi Stonebender

You know what's really interesting?

Sure, normal avatars won't work with this. But mesh avatars probably will, since they work with other texture fiddling (full bright, shiny, transparency, even bump maps).

That ought to really make a well-designed one pop!

eddi haskell

This is nice, but I think that the project that allows Mesh clothes to expand and fit bodies dynamically would be more exciting for me and the people I know. I do not want my SL Avatars to thin down and to be able wear mesh effectively. My two male fit avatars like their fit shapes and want to keep them -- and they are not huge. The last time I purchased a Mesh item it was a University of Michigan sports jacket, and I broke through the shoulders, even in the XL version.

The other thing is this-- and I keep on saying this. The only way SL is ever going to grow is if it becomes easier for the standard Facebook user to use. I have been in Second Life for 6 years, am considered a bit of a "techie", and still gnash my teeth at having to work around the latest update. All this is great, but unless a new user can feel comfortable by the third time they log in to SL, most of them are not going to stay. A more complicated third party viewer is not going to let numbers pick up.

But still, if this can make Second Life a more beautiful place graphically (clothes are not the only Mesh items), I am all for it.

Archangel Mortenwold

What user interface does this viewer use?

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