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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


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Damien Fate

I wonder what kind of internet speeds a place like that needs to provide a good experience for so many players at once.

Love the lighting :D

Wolf Baginski

Not as much as if they were playing Second Life. The highest speeds I have seen advertised for ADSL, here in the UK, would give 200 customers about 100 kbits/sec each, which feels a bit low if some of them are streaming video. And whether the telco can deliver that speed over real lines seems questionable.

And a friend has just upgraded to 65down/20up with what's labelled as "fibre to the cabinet".

So maybe an operation like that can run on a single line, but there is more than just total speed: latency matters too.

Metacam Oh

Looks like PC's are dying by the looks of that pic. /s

Adeon Writer

I'm jealous we don't have those. That's my scene right there.

Ciaran Laval

Throw in some beers and peanuts and that has potential to be a good night out!

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