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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


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Diablo 3- too big to fail.....
fcked future you gamers made.

Wolf Baginski

At first sight, Diablo 3 seems to be liable to FinCEN regulation in the same way that Second Life is suspected to be (Nobody is sure), which led to the turmoil of the last few weeks over third-party buying and selling of the L$.

The official Linden Labs line on the shutting down of the third-party exchanges refers to fraud. There was a partial U-turn, and instead of a complete shut-down, and now they can sell L$, which was briefly very difficult for many Linden Labs' customers in Europe.

Arcadia Codesmith

Hyperinflation plagued Ultima Online, but they had the legitimate excuse that nothing of the kind had been attempted at that scale before.

Subsequent designers have only the excuse that they didn't do their homework, and that's the sort of excuse that earns you a pink slip in the real world.

The same goes for the irrelevance of crafting. If crafted items in the game aren't better than dropped (by a SIGNIFICANT margin), nobody will bother crafting. If there's no turnover in items, nobody will bother crafting. If crafting is so easy that everybody can build their own gear, nobody will bother crafting beyond their own needs. All the hot young designers are so focused on "risk vs. reward" that nobody looks at "effort vs. reward".

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