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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


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Nexii Malthus

Sounds awesome, but I absolutely disagree with the creators views on DRM and piracy.

Why does he strongly label copyright infringement as 'theft'? (he uses the word 'stole' a lot)
They aren't physical goods, this is a digital medium.

Why settle on fixed price of 8 dollars? Why not a range between 1 - how-ever-much-you-want-to-pay dollars?
What about strategies like humblebundle?

Why loudly complain about how it much it costs to make? Tell us how much it did cost! There is no context otherwise.
Even Kickstarter projects have been better in this area of approximating, being truthful and open on costs.

For example, the black-and-white sue/warn dialog is pretty dumb.
Why doesn't it take into account the greater range of options that YouTube gives copyright owners? (sue, warn, advertise (!), promote (!!))

I could keep going on, for this principle alone I won't even bother buying, let alone give the honour of pirating the game, I appreciate the want for discussion, but such narrow-minded thinking is not really productive.


My teacher has a pirated copy and the exact games I get at home get bad ratings at school but really good like 9's and stuff. I also got A million in the 5th year at home and by the 13th I got to a million.

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