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Thursday, May 23, 2013


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Arcadia Codesmith

I've never been partial to consoles for gaming. I'm more witchy than twitchy. I am nonetheless interested in the Xbox One, because they're serious about convergence. Other platforms have played with it, but the Evil Empire looks like they're making an honest effort to make it happen. And I would dearly love to ditch a half-ton of specialized gadgetry and multiple remotes in favor of an integrated entertainment solution.

Nexus Burbclave

I'm not entirely sure that speculating on the effect of fees to the used market is a waste of time, particularly if they haven't settled the issue internally yet. It may be a bit early for some of the teeth gnashing that we've seen on the subject, but well-worded articles from games journalist, or even just a broader sense of consumers' feelings on the issue could be useful ammunition for somebody at Microsoft trying to influence this policy if it isn't already a settled matter.


That's just awesome!
great read. thanks for sharing.


Ps4 or Xbox? I's still puzzled by this dilemma myself.

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