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Friday, May 03, 2013


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ZZ Bottom

And I wonder, why Linden Lab can't take advantage and promote Drax movies as the best example of what virtual Worlds can be!

Hitomi Tiponi

They do promote them on their blog - and I imagine that their PR department are aware of them. Hopefully they will send a link to this to some of the more progressive music magazines/blogs as many cover articles on how music can be accessed in new ways.


Second Life rocks so hard!


They make great decor, I've got a few things from them.

ZZ Bottom

Hitomi is seems your hope in Linden Lab is higer then My own!
But I do hope that Rod Humble aknowldeges the community efforts and make sure to all his subbordinates that what makes Second Life be, is not the hardware/software behind it but its user base creativty and involvement!

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