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Thursday, June 06, 2013


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Adeon Writer

Scale is the first thing people will notice when Rifting into SecondLife. SL's 3x overscaled problem is well covered - but it will be seen first hand when you look down and realize just how high off the ground you are, and then you stress your spine looking up at your house door as it towers over you even twice that height.

It will be wonderful if such a view will discourage the "way too freaking huge" problems of SL content. On a computer monitor the flaw is far less apparent.


Or you could make a study model in real life...

Keystone Bouchard

That's a good point Adeon. In fact, for years I built architectural projects at 1.5x (occasionally even 2x) larger than real life scale in - because of the fact that a 1:1 architectural replica feels way too cramped and claustrophobic in SL.

Adeon Writer

Combined with a default walking speed that's more like a run, and a running speed of an outright sprint, and a default camera that floats the hight if a two story building, scaled models just don't work well in SL.

Which is a shame, because athletically, things are most pleasing when designed for the size of the creatures meant to inhabit them. :)

A good, useable first person mode would fix everything.

Keystone Bouchard

lol @Sean.. a study model you can walk into at full scale? That's a lot of cardboard. ;-)

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