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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


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So, basically, you prefer some kind of 'interactive movie' rather than something challenging. I sure can understand that, with each next year I have less and less time for games too, but I don't think it's a 'step in right direction'. It may be good for sales, as brings in casual gamers, but I always considered extra-simplification of games as a personal slap in the face to everyone who was spending hundreds of hours just to pass single game back then. It's like as if you used to get to your office by stairs, and was doing so for years, and one day someone shows you an elevator.

an entity of the net

Netdwarf, I don't think there's anything wrong or "slap in the face" about someone playing a game on Easy mode.

The choice certainly isn't being made for you: you could just as easily play on a different setting. Bioshock Infinite, as mentioned in the article, even offers a 1999 mode specifically for the hardcore gamers who want to spend those "hundreds of extra hours". Weirdly, the only games I can think of playing that much are tactical RPGs, but that might just be me.

I really think your problem lies more with games like Metal Gear Solid 4 than it does with a game played on Easy. The most combat-heavy of the series, rewarding slaughter over stealth, also has the most egregious FMVs. Would you rather watch a dozen soldiers run up and cock their guns for five minutes, or would you rather have the "interactive" part of the move available to you?

In the parts of the series that reward you for stealth, you're given the option of sneaking by or blowing a room of enemies away. And while certainly there's a boss battle or two that are necessary, the ability to creep past enemies doesn't detract from the story, regardless of whether or not that story is completely bananas.

In another example, LA Noire, regardless of the flaws of the game itself, could only be played by advancing the story, rather than whether or not you could master bad steering controls, etc. If you crashed your car over and over again, or took too many punches, you could go forward, whatever. If you failed to read a witness, you LOSE, GOOD DAY SIR.

Other games, like Journey, don't have combat at all. I don't know if you consider it an example of "over-simplification", but I also suppose that's neither here nor there, and more about the growing clamor for games to be recognized with "art". The ones that are held up as "evidence" are not combat-heavy games. Yes, there may be fights and/or action, but the ability to downplay or circumvent those entirely are honestly a new direction. In that regards, an "interactive movie" may not necessarily be a bad thing.

But most importantly, nobody is making you pick Easy. You can still do as you please.


This sounds like great advice. I was really interested in this game for the visuals & ideas, but then wrote if off precisely because of reviews pointing out the super-tricky combat system. It never occurred to me to think about "easy" mode.


Even on easy I found Bioshock Infinite's combat really tiresome. By the end enemies take so many bullets to kill that reloading itself becomes tedious. Why can't I skip combat like I can skip a cut scene?

Arcadia Codesmith

I've been computer gaming since there were computer games to play.

If I have to plow through the City of Bloodthirsty Beasties to reach a goal, sometimes I just want to move like a combine through a wheat field... especially if I've already killed several thousand Bloodthirsty Beasties and am growing increasingly bored with them.

And if I've beaten Boss Blud the Bloodiest on Impossible Nightmare Mode once, I don't feel any special compulsion to do it every time I repeat the mission.

So yeah, I play easier modes most of the time. I'm in it to have fun. If I had something to prove, I'd take up mixed martial arts.

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