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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


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CronoCloud Creeggan

Doesn't the PC version assign the character name, save date, and time played to a field in the save that you can see when the game shows you your saves?

Iris Ophelia

@CC It does, but only in the file name, which it doesn't surface when you're actually browsing save files in game iirc. It just tells you the in-game date/time and shows a tiny screenshot which, if you play in first person, is not super useful. Also, in my experience, it will often get the naming of those files confused, which means I ended up with saves for one character named after another. It's a very messy, buggy, problematic system on its own.


My PC (steam) version displays each character name, race, level, and the timestamps for every save under the thumbnail. Both at the menu, and the menu in game.

I think that's what CC was talking about.

Did any of the mods you're using happen to adjust your UI? Or some other reason you're not getting the character name displayed like we do?

Not that the mod isn't useful in its own way anyway!

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