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Thursday, July 11, 2013


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Chandni Khondji

What I actually like to do is slap on a full alpha layer, meaning be really invisible.. grab the demos i want and then Teleport home to try them there before going back to buy those I want. It maybe two Teleports more but much less stressful than trying to rezz the hair demos in the lag.

Tracy Redangel

I use this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/My-Shadow-Low-ARC-Set/109037

You can also join the hair fair group and try on hair at HOME, because most of the creators offer their demos through the group notices. Really, this is the best way to save your own sanity....just peruse the hair through the group, wait a couple of days when all the hoopla dies down, then go shopping at the event.

There's plenty people can do to be considerate of others, but unfortunately there probably will be a bunch of tummy talkers, heavy scripts, weapons, attachments, annoying gestures, etc etc etc.


I will not go without my open collar and sub ao hud, bui no other scripts i'll wear!
Tired of seing all being blamed on scripts use, get a good connection a good computer and stop whinning!

Arcadia Codesmith

Thanks, Iris. If I may add one piece of advice, go during off-peak hours. Attending Hair Fair with the server populations maxxed out is like swimming in molasses. Crystallized molasses.

Like Tracy, my friends and I usually have a private demo party off-site where we try on all the Hair Fair group demos. Fair warning: it's a marathon. There is a LOT of new hair introduced every year at this event.

Tracy Redangel

As long as your cpu clock timing is under .08, you are not causing any significant lag with your scripts. If you're on Firestorm, you can check this by right clicking on your avatar and selecting script info from the menu, and it will tell you.
Even with a very fast connection and a gaming computer ( I can usually run around in-world on my PC with graphics cranked up and running full shadows) it is well-known that very popular events have a lot of lag. Some hair people wear causes lag, and yes overuse of scripts DOES contribute to lag. It's not a huge sacrifice to be considerate of others and take off your crap before you go into a heavily populated sim. But if you want to be inconsiderate...mazel tov.

val kendal

/me whispers 'I de-render everybody...'

I didn't know about getting things through the Group, that's fabulous!

Wolf Baginski

Linden Hair is OK, but a bit ugly. The thing to watch for are those older prim hair items which were made with a script in every prim. Each script consumes server memory, and when the server has to start paging script RAM to hard drive, you have problems.

The necessity for that script excess is long gone, but there are still good-looking but old hair items around which suffer from the problem.

Hair with a lot of flexi-prims will still have a high rendering cost. But if you minimise the scripts and flexi-prims you can look good without messing up everyone.

CronoCloud Creeggan

I use Salome's shadow avatar set as well, if I think it's going to be really bad. (I check the map) Last couple year's Hair fair weren't bad at all. I wore normal stuff during off peak hours and picked up demos from the group.


Since it was Hair Fair, I went invisible except for my bald head so I could try on the demos (I'm crap at finding my way back to the right booth if I TP out).

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