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Monday, July 22, 2013


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Wizard Gynoid (@wizardgynoid)

At 34,500,000 signups and 600,000 regular users, that's not enough for Helen Thomas? I really don't think the numbers of users was Helen Thomas' issue with Second Life.

Wagner James Au

I think the main issue is she didn't get it. But if SL had hundreds of millions of regular users like YouTube and Twitter, she'd have made much more of an effort to do so.


Telling that today, when the BBC interviews Philip Rosedale about SL's 10th anniversary, it runs on "Witness," a history show:


Worth a listen; at 11 minutes, it's the most we've heard about SL from mainstream media in a long time. Just heard it broadcast yesterday.

@Wiz, those numbers were not enough for Helen Thomas and not enough to build what Rosedale wanted 10 years ago and seems to still want: to remake human history.

I'm not convinced that a mass audience wants his dream, any more than they wanted Von Braun's of lunar colonies and Mars missions after that other recent anniversary: 44 years since Apollo 11 touched down on the Sea of Tranquility. User-generated virtual worlds, like manned space exploration, are niche applications of technology. I suspect they'll remain that way, barring large technological and social shifts.


I wonder if many Foreigners will be deterred from using or joining second life by the revelations of NSA spying?

Hamlet Au

It hasn't significantly, provably deterred them from using Facebook or the other services the NSA is known to be requisitioning data from, so I doubt it.

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