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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


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Oh man :s... "The Talk" is gonna have a good laugh over this!

Emperor Norton

So what level is your Age of Wushu character Janine?

Adeon Writer

I think I'll pass on Age of Wushu, or any other game from a developer who seems a little too obsessed with my wushu.

Wolf Baginski

I know enough history that I would accept "Eunuch" as a character-design option. Eunuchs were often the administrative staff of a government. They could be powerful characters. Maybe they're best reserved for NPCs, the patron who sends the adventurers on a mission.

Making it something that groups of players can force on other characters is bad. Sure, they can kill you, but this feels wildly different. I can't articulate why the difference, but there is one.

Adeon Writer

Wolf, I can easily tell you why it's different.

When you are killed, you respawn. You were dead, but now you aren't. You "got better."

However I'm guessing what is done to the player here will not be fixed by getting yourself killed. As such it's a condition worse than death.

Sarah Thompson

What a ridiculous nonevent to be getting bent out of shape about.

For one you can straight up grow back your junk if you don't join or leave the rootless clan. Yup you can go rootless multiple times if you want the game doesn't care. Second the rootless clan are incredibly powerful with the right skill sets. Thirdly a similar option is necessary for female characters as well to use the sunflower manual who can also regrow some ovaries if they don't want to do it anymore.

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