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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


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Thank you for this explanation. Thinking about it, it is pretty smart. I don't think you can make money with indie games, 99,9% fail, not because they are bad, but because there are just too many and the players tend to stick with the well known titles. That is why facebook games are in a decline. I mean there are games out there, playing them is like a full time job. But if you have a platform to market these games, that is very likely a very promising business. Because just like shop or club owners in SL, they are willing to pay to get the word out.
Btw, your website broke the record with 16 trackers according to my ghostly add-on. Not even the worst tabloids have that many;)


No, Facebook games are in decline because they suck giant donkey balls. And not in a good way.


Definitely their smartest acquisition in my opinion.

With this I hope Linden Lab returns focus to doing the one thing they've proven good at: providing stable user to user economies, now with indie game and game mod content in the portfolio.

Hitomi Tiponi

There's some nice indie games on there and it does continue Linden Lab's approach of fostering creativity. The big problem I see at the moment is that Desura is seen as the poor cousin to Steam Greenlight - just look at the number of game developers on there asking for their games to be voted onto Steam. If Desura does become more successful this will just encourage Valve to make the massive Steam marketplace more accessible to indie games. If that happens it could mean that indie game developers are the winners and not Linden Lab.


Big deal!
What got it to do with SL and virtual worlds?

Just wasted another precious 2 minutes of my life for gathering useless info :/

Adeon Writer

@Hitomi: Stream Greenlight is awful.

100 USD just to get voted on, and most just sit there never getting enough votes. I'd love to buy them, but I'm not allowed to.

As I've said before, the only two Desura games I've purchased have been titles I saw and really liked on Steam Greenlight, but you'll never get enough votes due to obscurity.

Arcadia Codesmith

I concur. Second Life is essentially a platform for content creation. It's a natural evolution to explore other avenues of distributing user content while allowing creators to receive payment (as opposed to the weird sort of paradigm at other companies where users donate content to a for-profit company in exchange for a pat on the head and a virtual cookie).


"At points it's seemed like they were snapping up promising creative gaming projects and hoping that one might magically blossom into the next Minecraft"

Minecraft always was the "poor man's SL". Only difference is that corporate greed made Linden Labs bleed their content creators dry, while Nocht and Minecraft welcomed content creators with open arms. Guess who got more profits ?
Charging thousands of dollars to people who want to create content for your online product is shooting yourself in the foot. The talent either gets rich patrons or leaves SL. I'm amazed SL is lasting that long with their model of making talented people pay dearly for their love of building, added to their lag issues and unreliable SDK. Only amateurs and dilettantes with a patron have the patience to fight with SL to get something exciting going. Properly funded game designers take one look at sim crossing issues, hair on butt and Ruthing mishaps and say "I'm outta here".

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