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Friday, August 23, 2013


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Jo Yardley

Shame they are only 1920s inspired, not really 1920s.
There are never enough 1920s dresses in SL :)

Tracy RedAngel

Actually now is the best time to go when most of the crowds have dispersed.

Wolf Baginski

It's hard to think of a solution, but several events have only seemed to get publicity when they are about to close. I suppose there is the SL events listing associated with search and all that stuff, but it's mostly short duration not-my-sort-of-music things.

I must be missing some info source.

CronoCloud Creeggan

Wolf, when people say C88 is closing they mean that "this round" of C88 is closing to start up the "next round". C88 is a permanent fashion promotional thing. The items showcased there change.

I'm surprised you hadn't already heard of it.

And as Tracy says, it's best to go just before the switch out the items for the next batch because C88 is always crowded. Meaning, the region becomes full...easy.

Pussycat Catnap

I went there on the first few days multiple times.

The theme is not of interest to me but I saw a furniture piece or two I wanted to examine and one or two outfits that did fit my style.

But its good to put it off - the reason I had to make multiple visits is that for the first few days of events like this they get overloaded with a LOT of people wearing high-polygon stuff... and it becomes an exercise in 'can I click that vendor before I crash, and do I risk it in the hopes that I will get my item delivered before crashing...

Right now the grid is full ot script counters and height meters...

Must be 7' tall of get tossed, must have under 15mb of scripts or get tossed. (one variable it 2 feet too high, the other is frankly 12mbs too high)...

What we need is some way to count the polygons on others, and spam that in a meter... :P
- Until we have it, events like this will be like it was two years ago with scripted resizers...

Seems everytime SL fixes the lag problems with one issue, residents find a new way to jack up their lag causing problems and then pretend it's LL's fault.

Went to this thing again I think late last week and it was still bad, but no longer rough...

A lot fewer people there.

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