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Friday, August 23, 2013


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Adeon Writer

It will take skill to screw this up as bad as Sim City 5.

I'm still worried though.


The Sims Store seems to be such a cash cow for them judging about the amount of forum communities and YouTubers always anxious to show and receive positive comments about what's newest on it.

And the 'Stuff Packs', with a couple pairing with celebrities like Katy Perry and fashion brands like Diesel, I'm not sure how they could maintain their current direction of bringing licensed content into The Sims while at the same time enhancing (or to them, diluting) our offerings by making the creation of mod content easier.

Official support for mods would be awesome, but I doubt it. I'd sooner expect Porshe's Fast Lane Stuff and Lana Del Rey's Sweet Treats available at release.

Arcadia Codesmith

The Sims franchise hasn't quite gotten the hang of letting creators sell their creations and skimming a modest fee from the top. SOE beat them to the punch with Player Studio, and there's scant evidence that they even know that they're waaaay behind the curve on this one.

If there's one factor more than anything else that sank The Sims Online, it was the lack of user-generated content. No matter how talented your staff is, they'll never be as prolific as thousands of creative modders (and even if you've got the world's best recruiters, some of those modders are as good as your best talent, guaranteed).

There are IP issues, but those can be handled. Don't let Legal and Compliance constrain what the franchise can be.

Pussycat Catnap

We could all just open a spot in SL and put green diamonds over our heads and ...


Arcadia Codesmith

Blin? Zis graw ep FRATASHAY!

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