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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


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Sudane Erato

Tor is in fact not a "self-described" Chancellor but rather the legitimately elected executive (to which we assign that title), elected according to rigorous election procedures. He is at least the 8th or so to have held that position.

Pussycat Catnap

Anything is possible when everyone is like minded and there is no real dissent.

Toss in some of the more volatile / opinionated residents on the grid, and then you find you start needing more than just a friendly handshake to get things going.

But even with calmer folks - people of radically different views would blow up the experiment.

What they are is lucky.

Aliasi Stonebender

Not really, Pussycat. We've HAD folks of radically different views - the aforementioned Ulrika and Kendra, for what matter, not to mention myself. I'm quieter these days as I figure I've HAD my turn at bat, but I'm one of the few CDS citizens who've had a hand in every major branch of operation and I've been there since very near the beginning. (I wasn't present in the Anzere days, but ever since the 'modern' Neualtenburg started as a private sim, back in the days you had to deed the plots to the group, so I think I have a fair bit of perspective with it.)

Our main stumbling block so far was a failed merger with another such experiment, which I tend to think of as a very different take on what a self-administered community means. That's not a major failing on either side - the United States and the United Kingdom are both representative democracies, broadly speaking, but it'd be rather difficult to mesh Congress and Parliment!

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