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Thursday, September 26, 2013


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I think part of what your missing though is that organizers need a picture for the event made up before 90% or so of merchants will get involved. I know personally I'm a snob, if the event poster looks bad I typically skip it and won't take part. So expecting organizers to have a poster together that involves actual items from the event ahead of time is a bit skewed of an idea in my opinion.

Madeline Blackbart

Normally I'd agree here but the fgc DOES show pictures of ALL of the gatcha items on there site. IMO if you at least show the products as they become available to show there is not real issue if your picture to start is not in SL.


I agree.

Like putting a picture of Michael 5 in my SL profile and saying "wow, isn't my avatar hot?"

Put your best in the advertising, but make sure your best exists.

Achariya Maktoum

I respectfully disagree. I think you might be misunderstanding the owner's use of the word "fantasy." In this case, it means a certain fictional genre -- so Gor and elf ears and swords and horns, etc., are quite in keeping with the theme. They've also done a great job with keeping up their Flickr site (which the site links to) that fairly represents the theme.

Eddi Haskell

I totally agree Iris. Why would anyone destroy the appeal of their inworld event by showing anything but images from our gorgeous, sexy, well proportioned, increasingly realistic, and uniquely satisfying environment of Second Life? One more thing for A.J. -- do you think Michel 5 is really that hot? I just pulled up images of him and he looks like a plastic cadaver. Maybe I'm missing something lol.


I'm actually quite impressed with the organization that has gone into this event.. And if a Teaser-Poster is the primary complaint towards FGC, then that's not too shabby!

Being able to have an event (or even a section) set up months ahead of time before they start sending out the poster is not only expensive (with land-costs) but very impractical. In order to have pictures of what will be displayed, you're asking very busy designers to take time out, create something months ahead of time and have it sitting there.. waiting for the event to actually start.

As a previous commenter said, the blog and flickr have been kept updated far ahead of time.. So if you're inclined to see what *type* of fantasy items you can find at this Gacha carnival, you can just take a peek there.


Eddi: interesting point about Michael 5. So my concept of perfection didn't really "wow" you?

Of course, I agree with your comment. We come to SL to get what we can't have in RL, not to see what we can't have in SL.


I agree.

Firstly, I am never, ever a fan of people using pictures that belong to other things, or are from other people's artwork without any form of permission.

Secondly, posters always give out first impressions, and this poster didn't cut it until I actually read the text...but even then. I was half expecting steampunk/fantasy gacha themed like Guild wars' engineers or something due to the poster base itself.

What I would suggest is to re-conceptualize the gacha's message given by the gacha event and re-do the poster's image with more 'FANTASY' in mind, and perhaps use something that isn't someone else's artwork without permission.

I will admit, the event itself is very good. I didn't expect it until bloggers came up and showed me what stores were in it. But to be honest, as much as it is good, the poster is still pretty bad. Perhaps they could use a bit of an upgrade, maybe?

Melissa Yeuxdoux

I must agree with Ms. Ophelia. I would like to see ads with graphics featuring items that will actually be there or the site as it actually appears in Second Life. If I arrive and what I see isn't what the ad promises, I feel that I've been the victim of "bait and switch", and will probably go on my way.

Merit Coba

I find it strange people use outside art because there are a lot of artists that can do the same thing equally well or better with Second Life resources. Just to name a few I happened to have blogged about:
Wheeler Oppewall, Lady Velvet Rose, Sil Brandi, Tess Fallworth, Thea Maiman, Sina Souza and Meryll Panthar. And that is just a random selection. Perhaps some of the artist are not suitable, but I bet some of them make imagery that look very similar in style to the one above.
So what is the problem of using Artists that make art using Second Life?


it's a teaser ad, not a vendor ad...huge difference


It's not a bad message, it's just incredibly poor advertising. User sees a fake image that looks nice and stylized, you show up to the event, the event doesn't look like, doesn't represent, doesn't even have the atmosphere of the event; user doesn't wait for the event to even rez before they haul it out of the sim.
It's akin to giving disney clip art for a carnival that's in a walmart parking lot. It's not the same thing. Second life can be beautiful enough without having to be a phoney bait and switcher. And this is about every bad ad I see on the events listing(which I really need to find the setting to turn off when I log in).

Up4 Dawes

Interesting reading what people determine to them is a quality event. There are many reasons not to show items as organizers actually know but appears people are confusing events with catalogs or the market place.I can say I haven't seen too many bait and switch places and most organizers do take pride in their events and considering all are free to attend I think any consumer outrage should be held in check until there a actual consumer involved. I don't think we need to dumb down already the free stuff and offer risk free teleporting. Part of the fun of SL is searching and finding out for oneself the surprises and uniqueness of events.

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